Viavi Observer 3D 18.6 delivers network visibility across hybrid IT environments

Viavi Solutions released Observer 3D v18.6, enhancing the comprehensive network performance and monitoring (NPM) platform to enable true three-dimensional network observability across locations, data sources, and scales of deployment.

Viavi Observer 3D v18.6

Observer Apex is now available with Observer GigaTest active test functionality that augments GigaStor packet level analysis and GigaFlow enriched and enhanced flow insight. The combination of active testing with patented End-User Experience (EUE) scoring provides needed visibility into the performance of SaaS cloud hosted applications and service assurance for remote users.

According to the 2021 State of the Network survey from VIAVI, IT teams are moving past the disruptive challenges of 2020 with increased investment in new technologies and upgraded management tools. In parallel, large and medium enterprises reported a dramatic increase in shifting applications to the cloud, driven by improved service availability and reliability.

In response, Viavi has augmented the well-established Observer platform with three dimensions of network observability:

  • Location: Observer provides visibility in every environment, whether private cloud, public cloud, SaaS applications, remote users, on premise or in the data center.
  • Data sources: in addition to full fidelity wire data capture and flow insights, Observer includes active test, delivering proactive analytics and performance visibility for applications and remote users wherever they are located.
  • Scale of deployments: Observer offers a range of entry points for enterprises, enabling agility to adapt rapidly to a constantly evolving IT landscape.

“Our research has confirmed that most enterprises are permanently expanding their remote workforces, and have accelerated their cloud migrations,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research at Enterprise Management Associates. “Now they need to equip their IT teams with the means to monitor and manage the labyrinth of connections between end users, applications and data, wherever they may be located.”

“The Observer platform has a rich history of adapting to emerging IT conditions, from the highest fidelity packet capture in the industry, to the first End-User Experience scoring powered by wire and active test data,” said Chris Labac, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise & Cloud, Viavi. “The addition of active test to the Observer 3D platform gives our customers visibility where they need it, from remote users to the cloud, and the ability to scale and adapt as their network and services landscapes evolve.”

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