TAG Cyber opens headquarters in New York to support RaaS platform development

TAG Cyber announced that it is opening its new world headquarters in the Battery Park section of Manhattan at 45 Broadway. The new office will support TAG Cyber’s Research as a Service (RaaS) platform development, all executive services, and major sales operations. TAG Cyber’s video production studio is also part of new facility.

TAG Cyber Manhattan headquarters

“It’s been an exciting journey from our first hot desk at WeWork five years ago to this exciting new office,” said Dr. Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber. “As a former senior executive at AT&T, I always took for granted the privilege to serve customers in a lovely space. As a reinvented entrepreneur, however, I now understand the intense effort it takes to get here. We are just so proud of our new headquarters.”

TAG Cyber works each day to re-invent how industry research and advisory services are provided to customers. Expertise is provided on-demand through a SaaS-style subscription portal that is available 24/7/365 to customers. Research assistance on vendor selection, technology support, and answers to tough cyber security-related questions are offered rapidly by a team of expert practitioners, most coming from former CISO roles.

“All large businesses and industries eventually wither and die,” explained Amoroso. “And we believe that the large research analyst firms with their high fees, slow response times, and disagreeable terms must be replaced today by a more flexible, SaaS-style capability. That’s what we do at TAG Cyber. We are in the business of serving customers by replacing their broken relationship with the old, traditional analysts with something much better.”

Focusing today on cyber security, TAG Cyber provides its on-demand advisory and support in over 140 different areas of information and data protection including identity and access management (IAM), cloud security, DevSecOps, application security, network security, and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). TAG Cyber’s full-time researchers interview over 700 commercial vendors each year and maintain detailed information on 3500 active vendors.

“We are excited to support the cyber security community with our amazing team of experts,” said Amoroso. “Our new headquarters in New York City will provide us with a spacious facility that can help us achieve our main business objective which is to equip and enable the cyber defender. I hope all enterprise, government, and vendor teams will take time on their next visit to New York City to stop by and say hello.”

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