Pacific Global Security Group partners with Dragos and IronNet to protect sensitive OT and IT systems

Pacific Global Security Group (Pac-Sec) is partnering with internationally recognized cybersecurity leaders Dragos and IronNet to provide specialized information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) services for government agencies and commercial clients.

Pac-Sec Dragos IronNet

The combined portfolio of cybersecurity solutions is backed by industry-leading intelligence, research and development, as well as the deep understanding of advanced secure technologies. This collective approach helps detect threats and proactively protect clients in a shared effort to stop threats.

“We are dedicated to providing integrated cyber protection services to help government agencies and businesses reach their cybersecurity, risk and privacy goals,” said Pacific Global Security Group CEO Gerhard Rickert. “In cybersecurity, trusted partnerships are essential. Our coordinated efforts mean that we can offer collaborative threat detection and defense efforts to any company from anywhere.”

Pac-Sec solutions include intelligence, extensive research and development, and an operational understanding of advanced secure technologies. Collectively the partners offer:

  • Asset identification
  • Threat detection and intelligence
  • Response
  • Analytics
  • Automation, risk and compliance processes

“We share a commitment with Pacific Global Security Group to help keep business and government safe from cyber threats, and we value the opportunity to provide OT-specific approaches that industrial and critical infrastructure organizations need,” said Troy Roberts, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Dragos. “Through our partnership with Pac-Sec, we are able to extend our mission to keep communities safe and support the security, availability, and resiliency of critical infrastructure.”

Cybersecurity for utilities and critical infrastructure is an urgent need, with noted shutdowns and attacks throughout the U.S. In spring 2021 President Biden launched a U.S. cybersecurity plan for electric grid security.

“We are delighted to partner with Pacific Global Security Group to help bring collective defense to industrial and commercial organizations in both Hawaii and the mainland,” said Phil Hillhouse, Vice President of Sales, Americas, IronNet. “As a trusted cyber professional, we’re excited to work with Gerhard Rickert, whose passion for cybersecurity and experience at Pac-Sec aims to protect highly sensitive OT and IT systems.”

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