Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution solves compliance challenges for enterprises using Salesforce

Odaseva announced that their comprehensive, no-code data privacy solution will be generally available on February 28, 2022.

Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution

Odaseva has pioneered enterprise-grade data privacy products since 2018, which are used by large multinational companies including Schneider Electric and Toyota. Next month these data privacy products will be generally available as a comprehensive, simple solution called the Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution, which allows large multinational organizations to seamlessly comply with the growing number of data privacy regulations impacting their Salesforce data.

Data privacy regulations are increasing in countries around the world

Companies utilizing Salesforce must take action to ensure their organization complies with the growing number of data privacy regulations around the world. Companies increasingly leverage CRM SaaS platforms like Salesforce because of its many benefits over non-cloud based options, however the organization that’s using Salesforce is responsible for ensuring the customer data complies with regulations – not Salesforce.

This trend coincides with a growing rise in privacy obligations for companies with the California Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), and other state privacy laws in Virginia (VCDPA), and Colorado (ColoPA) all coming into effect in 2023, and Washington and other States continuing their efforts to pass data privacy legislation. It’s a big concern for multinational businesses – according to a recent report, 53% of IT leaders’ top concern is staying up to date with relevant regulations and nearly 50% are concerned about data sovereignty/residency/control issues.

Odaseva privacy products solve regulatory concerns for the largest Salesforce customers

The Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution will be the most comprehensive offering available for data privacy management in Salesforce. It automates compliance with the myriad of data privacy regulations around the world including GDPR and CCPA, respects customers’ privacy needs, and protects data in non-production environments for Salesforce.

As a no-code offering, the Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution lessens the cumbersome and expensive task of implementing and managing multiple privacy policies in different regions around the world. This is due to its unique ability to select objects and fields containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII), as well as unique anonymization strategies.

“I experienced first-hand how Odaseva’s data privacy products solve complex regulatory challenges for enterprises during my time working for Schneider Electric, who had one of the largest ever Salesforce implementations,” said Remi Poujeaux, SVP of Innovation at Odaseva. “Offering these as a complete and no-code solution will be a game-changer for multinational organizations struggling with data privacy and regulatory compliance concerns.”

The Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution will be generally available on February 28, 2022 and will offer:

  • Automatic processing of Data Subject Requests, including tracking, processing, and updating of the request status along its processing timeline
  • A no-code solution to speed up implementation
  • Support for an unlimited number of data privacy regulations on any Salesforce data model to ensure compliance in multiple regions
  • Development in sandbox environments to enhance developer productivity and code quality
  • Production data anonymization directly in sandbox environments, allowing developers to provide better productivity and code quality while respecting data confidentiality
  • The ability to use the Odaseva Privacy API to integrate with any existing content management platform

Odaseva’s history solving privacy concerns for enterprises using Salesforce

Odaseva has a long history of providing enterprise-grade data privacy solutions for the largest Salesforce implementations. Odaseva’s suite of privacy products currently spans four offerings: Data Lifecycle, Consumer Rights, Sandbox Anonymization, and Residency-as-a-Service. Multinational companies like Toyota, Schneider Electric, and a top four global technology company rely on Odaseva to solve data privacy challenges.

Schneider Electric uses Odaseva Sandbox Anonymization to dramatically speed up the development process without risking compliance with GDPR and other global privacy regulations, anonymizing more than 6 million records and 11 million contacts. Data Lifecycle allows them to apply granular classification to each object in the data model and use highly customized rules to automate data retention and customer privacy in compliance, all while keeping valuable business data intact.

Odaseva’s Residency-as-a-Service offering launched with pilot customers in September 2021 to enable large multinational organizations using Salesforce to comply with the growing number of data regulations. Schneider Electric is one company currently in the pilot program.

While earlier laws like GDPR took many years to take effect, new regulations like China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) are rolling out much faster. That means organizations must have an agile approach to compliance, so they’re prepared when new laws go into effect. This is just one of the data privacy challenges that the Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution for Salesforce addresses.

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