CertiPath promotes Jeff Torello to CTO

CertiPath announced the appointment of Jeff Torello as Chief Technology Officer.

CertiPath Jeff Torello

Mr. Torello is a seasoned technology professional who is passionate about software engineering, cybersecurity, team development, and team culture. He brings more than 25 years of IT systems management, software development, and cybersecurity expertise to his new position. Mr. Torello has a wealth of experience in establishing, leading, and growing modern, high-performing teams.

Before joining CertiPath in 2018, He spent two decades at Intel Corporation and then at Cree, Inc. He recently published his first book, Crash Course – Leadership in a Remote First World, which provides strategies for leveraging soft skills and business acumen and is applicable to any industry.

“CertiPath works to hire the best technical minds with entrepreneurial leanings. Jeff has exceeded all expectations and the quality of our products have increased 10-fold. This promotion is as much about merit as it is removing any constraints on how Jeff wants to apply his unique skillset to CertiPath’s future,” said Jeff Nigriny, CertiPath’s Founder and CEO.

Upon joining CertiPath, Mr. Torello opened CertiPath’s Research Triangle Park office in North Carolina and united the software engineering, QA//test, and DevOps environments in a single, co-located, and closely-knit Agile team. He led a sweeping product re-design and re-factorization effort that delivered a modern, component-based UX/UI and an optimized backend architecture design relying on microservices, REST APIs, GraphQL, and message queues and laid the groundwork for containerization.

Mr. Torello holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Information Systems. He also holds a CISSP certification.

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