Calix Cloud enhancements enable broadband service providers to proactively resolve network issues

Calix advanced its End-to-End Solution Strategy, which delivers insights and automation across critical business functions—from the network edge to the subscriber premises.

Calix Operations Cloud

With the launch of new capabilities in Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud), built on the Calix Cloud platform, even the smallest broadband service providers (BSPs) can achieve efficiency across the entire subscriber-facing network. The latest enhancements to Operations Cloud enable end-to-end service provisioning for the first time.

With guided workflow automation, BSPs can turn up services with lightning speed and proactively resolve service issues—while eliminating the need to touch multiple systems. Further, operations personnel can quickly identify, prioritize, and resolve critical issues—anytime, anywhere—with new customized, programmable alarm notifications.

More data than ever, combined with actionable insights about network and subscriber service health, will dramatically reduce service calls, optimize productivity, and increase efficiency for both broadband operations and call centers.

Innovative broadband service providers like Chariton Valley have been using elements of the End-to-End Solution Strategy to establish an impressive record of success in these areas. Chariton Valley has cut network alarms 98 percent and shaved 80 percent off the time it takes to turn up subscriber services.

They’ve also reduced truck rolls by nearly 40 percent. The latest enhancements in Operations Cloud further help BSPs transform their business models and monetize the networks they’ve invested millions to build. Now BSPs can:

Turn up services at lightning speed and simplify operations. New network and subscriber operations workflows extend through the access network to the subscriber premises. This means BSPs can streamline and automate processes and provide a common view for operations teams. End-to-end automated service provisioning capabilities will save time for highly skilled broadband operations personnel. It will also reduce operating costs, accelerate time-to-revenue, and help BSPs excite subscribers with seamless, fast service turn up.

Anticipate subscriber issues and resolve them—before subscribers even know there’s a problem. Thanks to advanced intelligence available in Operations Cloud, broadband operations and customer support teams can identify, prioritize, predict, and fix network problems—before they impact subscribers. In addition, new health reports and network insights give greater visibility into the status of both the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS) and EXA systems, enabling operations teams to address any network issues proactively. Operations Cloud consolidates data and insights across the entire subscriber-facing network. With this single, unified view, both operations personnel and customer support representatives (using Calix Support Cloud) can easily identify root causes of service issues and quickly fix them.

Reduce service calls and increase subscriber satisfaction with new customized alarms and programmable alarm notifications. Operations Cloud delivers robust, intelligent alarm management and correlation capabilities to help operations staff easily identify and prioritize critical issues. In addition, broadband operations can create customized alarm notifications. This allows them to select and group alarms and specify the conditions for notifications. They can also determine who should receive alarm notifications, and when. This enables operations personnel to resolve service-impacting issues even faster, reduce inbound support calls, avoid unnecessary truck rolls, and increase subscriber satisfaction.

In addition, Calix Premier Success for Operations provides broadband operations with a dedicated Calix customer success manager. Working in partnership with BSPs, these managers provide valuable guidance and best practices on how to best leverage the latest capabilities in Operations Cloud so BSPs can see the full benefits of the End-to-End Solution Strategy.

“One of the best decisions we made when building out our network was to go all-in with Calix,” said Bill Underhill, network coordinator at Sterling Local Area Municipal Broadband. “With the Calix end-to-end solution—the Intelligent Access EDGE, Revenue EDGE, and Calix Cloud platform—we’re able to deliver the cutting-edge services that our subscribers expect and rely on. Calix continues to extend this with the new capabilities in Operations Cloud, which will make it easier for us to provision our network and turn up new services even more quickly. Moreover, Calix stands out as a true partner that is fully committed to our success. They provide amazing resources and tools, like Revenue EDGE Enablement and Calix Success Services, that allow us to compete head-to-head with the big players and win.”

“We have invested 11 years and more than a billion dollars to build the world’s most advanced platforms to enable BSPs of all sizes to innovate and win,” said Shane Eleniak, executive vice president of products at Calix. “With our End-to-End Solution Strategy, Calix stands out in the broadband industry as the only company that offers such a holistic view of the subscriber experience. The ability to see across the entire subscriber-facing network—from the subscriber’s hand through to the data center—is an absolute game-changer for our customers.

“Finally, BSPs are now able to use data instead of just collecting it. We are delivering on the differentiated strategy that we launched just months ago at Calix ConneXions 2021. The enhancements we’re making in Calix Cloud will raise the efficiency of broadband operations to new heights, freeing BSPs to focus on adding subscribers, innovating new services, and driving revenue growth.”

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