Dasera Mt. Rainier release allows enterprises to scale data protection efforts

Dasera announced its new Mt. Rainier product release. This release transforms how short-handed Security and Compliance teams collaborate with Data teams to scale employee access to enterprise cloud data.

Dasera Mt. Rainier

Security and Compliance teams tasked with protecting data are already overwhelmed. Security teams don’t have sufficient context to know which data are sensitive and who should/shouldn’t have access. Compliance teams don’t have the technology to enforce compliance policies and have largely relied on manual, time consuming audits and self-attestations. Meanwhile, more employees need access to more data to make better decisions. The challenge of empowering employees while protecting data at cloud scale and cloud velocity has largely remained unsolved.

Dasera built its Mt. Rainier release by working closely with its early customers. The Mt. Rainier release improves cross-functional collaboration and to better protect data at scale. The Mt. Rainier release incorporates tailored roles, interfaces, and customized workflows for Data and Compliance team members, all of which save time, streamline cross-functional coordination, and help to detect and eliminate risk as early as possible.

“In today’s cloud-first environments, no one team has sufficient context to protect data,” says Ani Chaudhuri, CEO and Co-Founder of Dasera. “Data protection is fundamentally cross-functional. It takes a village to protect data. By helping Security, Compliance, and Data teams work seamlessly together, enterprises can truly operationalize a vision of empowering every employee with the data they need to do their job most effectively.”

Dasera customers can see value in less than an hour, as Dasera immediately discovers all cloud data stores, and starts classifying all data fields. Security team members can leverage the expertise and knowledge of the Data team to review sensitive data classifications. Data team members can be automatically notified when new fields are discovered in their data sets, improving data quality and data protection. Compliance team members can use Dasera’s no-code policy editor to transform on-paper-only policies into tailor policies that trigger notifications when potential compliance violations occur.

“Dasera aims to secure the entire cloud data lifecycle and serve as a compliance violation detection engine, freeing data and security teams to focus on higher priority projects,” says Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer at Unity. “Dasera facilitates team collaboration, keeps data use more safe, and fills a significant gap that the market desperately needs.”

The Mt. Rainier launch follows an eventful year for the company. Dasera achieved SOC II Type II accreditation, created a new Engineering Center of Excellence in India, and grew customer adoption by 100%.

Analyst organizations such as Intellyx recognize the growing need of data protection and that best-of-breed technology is addressing the gaps in existing approaches.

“Data security and protection technologies generally focus on two phases: data at rest and data in motion,” said Jason Bloomberg, president of industry analyst firm Intellyx. “Dasera extends this limited focus to the full lifecycle of structured and semi-structured data security in the enterprise, including misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, data sprawl, data misuse, and addressing data security and protection issues at cloud velocity.”

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