450connect collaborates with HUBER+SUHNER to help achieve Germany’s energy policy goals

450connect has partnered with HUBER+SUHNER for the supply of antennas and components to build the 450 MHz platform across Germany.

450connect HUBER+SUHNER

450connect builds and operates the secure 450 MHz platform for the digitisation of Germany’s critical infrastructure – a critical step in achieving the country’s energy policy goals.

The use of HUBER+SUHNER antennas and components in this frequency range will deliver secure and reliable network communications, ensuring signal penetration and availability throughout both urban and rural areas – independent of existing telecommunications networks. This is especially critical for the energy and water industries where operators depend on reliable voice and data communications.

As Germany transitions from 100+ power plants to using over 100,000 wind turbines, solar panels and water-based energy sources, this new network is paramount in supporting the Terra bytes of data that will be transmitted as the country aims to employ 100% green energy.

In 2021, the German network regulation agency awarded the nation-wide project to 450connect. After HUBER+SUHNER successfully submitted the first quotation in the spring of 2021, the team secured the contract in August 2021 as the antenna supplier to 450connect for the whole project.

“We are pleased to be part of this complex and exciting project deploying the 450 MHz network platform, and to provide an important building block for the new platform with our expertise as an antenna manufacturer,” said Karsten Kretzschmar, Vice President/Market Manager Special Communications at HUBER+SUHNER. “At present, there are hardly any comparable solutions available on the market. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of critical communications, we know the challenges facing the industry and can provide the best possible support.”

“The digitisation of critical infrastructures in Germany is essential for transforming energy. Establishing a fail-safe and highly available 450 MHz platform is the necessary foundation for achieving the energy policy goals,” says Carsten Ullrich, spokesman for the 450connect management board. “Together with our partner HUBER+SUHNER, we are implementing our 450 MHz network with state-of-the-art antenna technologies to meet the high demands of critical infrastructure operators.”

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