Alchemer’s anti-phishing feature protects customers against suspicious data gathering efforts

Alchemer announced that it has expanded its data security to include enhanced, proactive protection against phishing, providing customers and survey respondents with protection against suspicious data gathering efforts.

Alchemer anti-phishing

The Alchemer anti-phishing feature proactively detects and prevents potential phishing attacks. Customers can trust Alchemer to protect their customers from ever-expanding phishing threats. Alchemer complies with internationally recognized security and privacy regulations and uses multiple layers of internal and third-party features, controls, and technologies to ensure the highest security standards are met proactively and continuously.

“Our customers and their customers must trust in the legitimacy of surveys in the market. Alchemer’s advanced anti-phishing artificial intelligence stops bad actors in their tracks – building trust in Alchemer and more broadly, in our industry,” said Michael Kleck, Chief Information Security Officer at Alchemer. “Alchemer is fiercely committed to information security and privacy, from our ISO and SOC certifications to our access controls to our constant monitoring and prevention efforts. This new capability expands on our industry-leading focus and capabilities.”

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