Pangea raises $25 million to deliver API-based security services for application builders

Pangea Cyber Corporation emerged from stealth to announce $25M in Series A funding to offer application builders a comprehensive portfolio of API-based security services through a single platform.

The Series A is led by Ballistic Ventures with participation from SYN Ventures, Godfrey Sullivan (Former Chairman & CEO, Splunk), George Kurtz (Founder & CEO, CrowdStrike) and Dan Plastina (Former VP AWS Security Products). Pangea plans to use the funding primarily for product development.

Before Pangea, a builder who needed to add security and compliance features to an application had to write security code from scratch. Builders now can go to a single, trusted source to embed the security services and APIs they need into their application quickly and easily. Similar in concept to Amazon Web Services, but with a focus on cybersecurity, Pangea will be releasing several dozen API-based microservices.

In addition to offering its own services including Secure Audit Log, Secure Object Store, Secure File Share, and Embargo Check, the company plans to aggregate and offer third-party APIs via partnerships. Pangea’s Secure Audit Log, Redact and Embargo Check services are available now through the company’s early access program.

Pangea is led by co-founders Oliver Friedrichs and Sourabh Satish, the minds and drivers behind the award-winning Phantom Cyber SOAR platform which was acquired by Splunk in 2018. This new venture is focused on securing one of the largest areas of growth and concern in the cybersecurity field: Cloud applications. While widespread and increasing in popularity, Cloud-based applications have become increasingly complex to secure and builders lack the necessary expertise and resources to deliver secure customer experiences.

“The meteoric rise of the Cloud has created tremendous opportunities for businesses around the world and yet the security industry has focused on building products for the enterprise end-user, not the app builder. APIs are often after-thoughts,” said Friedrichs, Founder and CEO of Pangea. “We are seizing the opportunity to give builders the capabilities they need to deliver a compliant and secure customer experience, easier and faster.”

Pangea is a builder-first company focused on eliminating the complexity of application security and simplifying the developer’s journey to build security and compliance into their apps. Pangea serves organizations who want to go to market with secure, compliant Cloud and mobile applications as well as SOCs who want to automate via APIs more effectively.

“Every company today is building software in one form or another and yet it isn’t feasible to expect every software builder to be a security expert. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed and an enormous opportunity,” said Barmak Meftah, Cofounder and General Partner, Ballistic Ventures. “Pangea is taking a smart approach using compelling technology with a fantastic team. We’re excited to partner with Oliver, Sourabh and the Pangea team to reshape how the world thinks about embedding security into their applications.”

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