ThriveDX acquires LUCY Security to expand cyber training offerings for enterprises

ThriveDX announced the acquisition of LUCY Security which closed in February, further expanding the company’s cyber training offerings following recent acquisitions of Cybint Solutions and Kontra Security.

LUCY Security is the most comprehensive IT Security Awareness Training solution on the market, with over 20 million trained users worldwide. LUCY will join the ThriveDX SaaS division.

In its early stages, LUCY Security was originally developed as an on-premise awareness solution to meet the highest cybersecurity requirements of the Swiss banking sector. The software was then commercialized and distributed worldwide. LUCY Security allows organizations to measure and improve the security awareness of their employees and test their IT defenses with +800 attack templates and over 300 customizable training modules in more than 130 languages. The company is supporting millions of users and hundreds of corporate customers around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

“LUCY’s technology, team and customers, are an amazing addition to the ThriveDX end-to-end cybersecurity training for enterprise. Together, I’m looking forward to creating synergies with our cybersecurity education offerings globally,” said Roy Zur, CEO, ThriveDX SaaS. “We are excited to offer one of the best phishing simulators and hands-on cybersecurity awareness training solutions available on the market.”

This is the third acquisition in a series for ThriveDX to scale its learning systems to become the industry leader for skills training and digital transformation. LUCY’s IT security awareness and phishing, are based on transforming the ethical hacking experience of its founders into comprehensive training software that provides a 360° view of an organization’s IT security vulnerabilities from a human perspective. The ability to build this human firewall through behavior-modifying training, is integral to ThriveDX and LUCY’s methodologies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the team at ThriveDX SaaS to educate and better serve organizations who need to take a 360 degree approach to cybersecurity and skills training,” said Oliver Muenchow, Founder of LUCY Security. “By connecting our security awareness offering with other training solutions, we can provide the necessary resources, products, and services to achieve our common goal.”

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