Hypori Halo 2022.1 provides secure access to mobile applications and data from any device

Hypori announced the new release of Hypori Halo 2022.1 for strengthened security, simplified onboarding, and enhanced user experience.

Hypori Halo provides secure access to mobile applications and data from any device, anywhere. Hypori Halo, empowers employees, contractors, and partners to work securely without the risk of leaking confidential information while providing 100% separation of personal and work data from a single device and never compromising end-user personal privacy. Made available as-a-service, Hypori Halo customers gain immediate benefits on the cloud (SaaS or private) as well as on premises.

Users of Hypori Halo are instantly productive because there is no training required. Organizations achieve zero-trust security at the edge, without intruding on their employees’ or partners’ privacy, and immediately reduce expenses by implementing Hypori Halo.

Release highlights for Hypori Halo 2022.1:

  • Simple and streamlined user onboarding – register and connect to Hypori Halo from any personal device with two taps via one-time use QR code
  • Strengthened security – deemed “the most secure BYOD technology assessed to date” by the Department of Defense, further improvements have been made to the security controls and protection of the Hypori Halo Client apps
  • Enhanced user experience – seamless network hand-off between cellular and WiFi networks maintains connectivity and improves user experience
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