Concentric Eclipse helps individuals and teams mitigate digital risks

Concentric launched Eclipse, their new digital solution providing enhanced personal cybersecurity and digital privacy.

Concentric Eclipse

Eclipse is a turnkey solution for individuals, families, and teams to help mitigate digital risks. The platform offers leveled subscription tiers, à la carte services, and holistic defense-in-depth across consumer identities, devices, accounts and network connections.

Casey Allen, Concentric’s CIO, says it best: “in our ongoing evolution to identify and manage the risks of our clients, we continue to design full-spectrum solutions to ensure we are answering problems before they even arise. Having watched the trends over the last few years, digital privacy–or the lack thereof–is among the most alarming we observed. We have worked hard over this past year to professionalize our privacy service and establish partnerships with some of the industry’s most prestigious names to curate turnkey cyber solutions for our clients.”

Internet-based crime is one of the fastest growing security threats in the United States; consumer fraud reports were up to 2.2 million in 2020, up 83% from 2019. As the largest and most influential independent security firm on the west coast of the United States, Concentric has been trusted by some of the world’s most prominent individuals and corporations to keep their principals, employees, and assets protected. Now, with Eclipse, consumers worldwide can feel secure knowing that their online presence is protected from bad actors.

Eclipse packages are available in 3 different tiers as well as their à la carte menu of standalone services.

Partial Eclipse ($8,000/year):

Anonymity Engine – PII Scrubbing Service (Bi-Weekly); Credit Lock, Monitoring and Alerting; Identity Theft Protection Bundle; $1M Identity Theft Insurance Policy

Annular Eclipse ($10,000/year):

All Services Included in Partial Eclipse, in addition to:

  • Premiere Anonymity Engine – PII Scrubbing Service (Weekly); Keeper Unlimited Password Manager, BreachWatch, & 1 TB Secure Storage; Malwarebytes Premium for up to 5 Devices; Mullvad VPN for up to 5 Devices

Total Eclipse ($15,500/year):

All services included in Partial and Annular Eclipse, in addition to:

  • Concierge Anonymity Engine – PII Scrubbing Service (Daily); Imposter Account Removal; Compromised Account Restoration; Concierge Onboarding and Support

Á la Carte services available (pricing upon request): Cyber Crisis Tabletop; Penetration Testing; Ransomware Preparedness; Social Engineering Assessment; Secure Mobile SIM

Data has surpassed all other commodities in terms of value, and a strong correlation has emerged between the size of someone’s digital footprint and their likelihood of being targeted for both physical and cyber attacks. To answer the challenge, Concentric offers Eclipse. Eclipse searches the entire web and all of social media, providing fully comprehensive search capabilities as well as hands-on assistance through a concierge support team.

Eclipse is currently available to all users.

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