Tanium Benchmark allows IT teams to track the current state of endpoints

Tanium launched Tanium Benchmark, a solution that delivers real-time, holistic assessments of the security and operational risks associated with connected endpoints, empowering teams to prioritize efforts, collaborate effectively, and take risk-mitigation action while reducing IT costs and complexity.

Benchmark, powered by the Tanium XEM platform, determines real-time risk scores by analyzing up-to-date, comprehensive data from millions of endpoints across Tanium’s global customer base. Benchmark compares a customer’s endpoint metrics against their industry peers to establish a baseline for ongoing measurement and evaluation. Benchmark also enables IT operations, risk, and security teams to provide corporate board members and executive leadership with just-in-time data to make more informed decisions.

“A near-real-time risk score with comprehensive visibility into the state of endpoints enables executives to better understand the impact of cyberattacks on business outcomes,” said Phil Harris, research director in the Cybersecurity Risk Management Services practice at IDC. “Decision makers can prioritize severe vulnerabilities and response to breaches much more quickly to reduce the attack surface radically.”

Customer IT and operations teams can utilize Tanium Benchmark findings to manage and track the current state of endpoints and mitigate risk proactively based on more than 20 different metrics including vulnerability, outstanding patches, and lateral movement risk.

“Without accurate real-time data, you are flying blind and unable to make the best decisions from a security and risk perspective,” said Tanium Chief Product Officer Nic Surpatanu. “Tanium Benchmark is a game-changer with its unprecedented insight that instantly assesses the very heart of your most important functions—IT, Risk, and Compliance—and delivers the ability to compare and contrast scores with similar organizations, bringing unique clarity to what is working and where there are areas for improvement. Benchmark enables you to make accurate and effective decisions on where to invest to improve your risk posture.”

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