Forescout Assist empowers organizations to manage cyber risk

Forescout Technologies has launched Forescout Assist for Healthcare and Forescout Assist for OT/ICS, new subscription services that provide organizations’ IT security and engineering teams access to Forescout security experts and new threat detection, investigation, response and hunting capabilities.

Organizations are grappling with a rapidly evolving digital terrain that requires timely visibility of security risks and threats to their enterprise. However, current staffing, along with financial and technology challenges, prevent many from building and maintaining those capabilities and required know-how in-house.

With Forescout Assist, organizations gain seamless, remote access to Forescout security experts – including data scientists, engineers, security analysts, threat researchers and hunters – to identify, investigate, prioritize and mitigate cyber threats.

“Understanding and acting on OT/ICS and medical device security risks is critical but is only now getting the attention it deserves. Organizations don’t want to be caught flat footed due to staffing and economic dynamics that are out of their control,” said Partha Panda, co-founder of Cysiv, a Forescout company.

“Forescout Assist builds on our mission to enable organizations, regardless of their current circumstances, to have access to the specialized security expertise and technology necessary to effectively manage cyber risk.”, Panda continued.

Forescout leverages its cloud-native data analytics platform to deliver Forescout Assist. The service, which combines machine automation and efficiency with human expertise and insights, encompasses these key activities carried out by Forescout experts:

  • 24/7 security monitoring: Monitoring network and device activity to detect, triage and investigate threats, and initiate incident escalation and remediation actions to contain, stop and recover from an attack.
  • Risk mitigation: Analyzing and triaging asset risks (e.g., compliance violations, exposure and vulnerabilities) identified by Forescout eyeInspect (for OT/ICS environments), and Forescout Medical Device Security (for healthcare environments) to determine response priority and outlining steps to reduce risks and attack surface.
  • Human-led threat hunting: Performing threat hunting on critical assets and networks, based on behavioral analysis of prevalent threat actors, real-time threat intelligence and most exploited vulnerabilities, as well as documenting and escalating malicious findings as security incident cases.
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