A10 Defend helps organizations protect critical networking infrastructure

Threats from distributed denial of service (DDoS), ransomware and malware cyber attacks continue to rapidly expand, targeting critical vertical industries such as healthcare, banking and government infrastructure.

In response to the growing demand from customers for tools that will help defend against DDoS attacks, A10 Networks is launching A10 Defend, a pilot software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, with threat insights combining network traffic know-how and analyses of indicators of compromise used to carry out attacks.

A10 uses internal networking expertise working across a large global customer base along with cybersecurity research to create unique and actionable insights into customers’ use case needs.

A10 Networks’ own research now tracks upwards of 15.4 million DDoS weapons. This presents a significant threat to organizations, large and small. At the same time, customers are increasingly overwhelmed with new security solutions, a lack of expertise and compressed budgets during a time of economic uncertainty.

The security service enhances A10’s current solution portfolio, enabling enterprises and service providers to access real-time data that matches their unique characteristics and strengthens their security posture.

A10 Defend provides a level of intelligence and defense from multiple sources that a single organization would not be able to have on its own.

“Our deep understanding of network traffic combined with primary research into cybersecurity helps us to tailor the service as an enhancement for customer vertical industries as opposed to generic cybersecurity solutions. This service further enhances A10’s solutions to provide customers with timely, relevant and tailored threat insights required to better protect their networks,” said Dhrupad Trivedi, president and CEO of A10 Networks.

A10 is working with customers around the world to begin testing this solution in early 2023 with expanded capabilities to come. A10 Defend is designed to work with existing infrastructure without requiring the purchase of new A10 equipment, enabling customers to better manage their budget priorities while continually enhancing their security posture.

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