Cyberpion expands management team and appoints Marc Gaffan as CEO

Cyberpion has unveiled that Marc Gaffan has been named CEO, Doron Gill will serve as VP of Engineering, and Ido Samson joins as CRO. Co-founder Nethanel Gelernter is moving from CEO to CTO where he will focus on accelerating innovation and scaling Cyberpion’s EASM platform.

“We experienced strong growth in 2022 and see even more opportunity in the year ahead,” said Gelernter. “Bringing in experienced, proven growth executives like Marc to scale the business will allow me to focus all my energy on product innovation and differentiation. EASM is a growing and competitive market, and we are seizing this opportunity in 2023,” Gelernter continued.

Most recently, Gaffan was CEO of Hysolate, an endpoint security startup that was acquired by PerceptionPoint. Gaffan also served as co-founder and CEO of Incapsula, a global cloud application delivery service that was acquired by Imperva.

Gill joins from where he held a similar position. As head of engineering, his focus will be on scaling the engineering organization to accelerate development and feature velocity. Samson joins as CRO from Hysolate where he served as Vice President of Sales.

“Fully understanding and managing the organization’s external attack surface has become a major concern and a high priority for most security teams,” said Gaffan.

“A large area that is currently being overlooked by many organizations is their hyper-connected attack surface, the third party infrastructures that their systems connect to and are reliant on but are out of their control. This can be up to four times larger in size and significantly more complicated to manage and control. From an attacker’s perspective, it’s part of their playing field as they try to hack their way into the organization’s IT fabric,” Gaffan continued.

“The EASM market is an expanding segment of late, as unfettered cloud migration and the broader trend of digital transformation drive an explosion of public-facing assets on the internet. The security challenges raised by this situation are leading organizations to adopt more proactive security approaches like EASM, both to complement and reduce the workload of reactive technologies such as XDR,” said Rik Turner, Omdia Senior Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity.

“This has driven a lot of M&A activity over the last couple of years, as larger security vendors have become aware of the need to move into this space, but there is definitely still room for innovative start-ups with a differentiated way of working, like Cyberpion,” added Turner.

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