CyberSaint Executive Dashboard empowers CISOs to take control of cyber risk communication

CyberSaint’s Executive Dashboard allows CISOs to present their cyber risk posture to the rest of the C-suite and Board of Directors in a credible, financially quantifiable manner that enables informed decision-making.

CyberSaint Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard is just the latest in a line of features offered by CyberSaint through its CyberStrong platform. The platform delivers a comprehensive and automated approach to helping organizations assess, measure, and remediate their unique cyber risks.

The Executive Dashboard allows security and business leaders to present progress over time and benchmarks an organization’s cyber risk profile compared to industry peers.

“At CyberSaint, we understand the importance of transparency and clear communication when it comes to cybersecurity, one of today’s most existential risks,” said Jerry Layden, CEO of CyberSaint.

“With the new SEC regulations requiring boards to report on their cyber risk posture, it is more important than ever for companies to have a real-time, flexible, and intuitive platform with which to assess, measure, and remediate cyber risk. We are confident that this new dashboard will be an invaluable asset to our customers and help them build cyber resilience,” Layden continued.

Co-developed with the foremost cyber risk consultancies and forward-thinking CISOs, the Executive Dashboard gives security leaders the ability to clearly and concisely communicate their organization’s cyber risk level, as well as the actions being taken to mitigate cyber risks.

It allows for easy tracking of progress and the ability to identify areas for improvement.

The dashboard helps CISOs, other C-suite members, and Boards answer questions such as:

  • What are the top cyber risks and their financial losses in relation to an organization’s industry and size, compared to the organization’s specific high-risk areas?
  • What is the cyber risk exposure of the organization in financial terms?
  • What is the ROI on different remediation projects for risk buydown?
  • What is NIST CSF maturity compared to the organization’s peers?
  • Where is the organization on overall framework maturity?
  • What is the cyber risk posture across BUs, crown jewels, and strategic business initiatives?
  • How is the organization’s cyber risk posture trending over time?

“The Executive Dashboard is a game-changer for CISOs looking to tell a credible story about the past, present, and future of their cyber risk posture to business leadership,” said Padraic O’Reilly, CPO at CyberSaint.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance our platform, and the Executive Dashboard is a testament to our commitment to delivering data-driven solutions to our customers and partners,” O’Reilly concluded.

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