Vumetric PTaaS platform simplifies cybersecurity assessments for organizations

Vumetric Cybersecurity has launched its Penetration Testing as-a-Service (PTaaS) platform, designed to simplify and modernize cybersecurity assessments for organizations of all sizes.

Vumetric PTaaS platform

The Vumetric PTaaS platform revolutionizes the penetration testing process by providing self-service capabilities that allow organizations to schedule and manage assessments on-demand.

The platform’s interactive reporting provides a comprehensive view of identified risks and prioritized remediation strategies. Stakeholders can easily access results, track improvements over time, and analyze project results without additional effort, making the PTaaS platform the modern solution for managing penetration testing projects.

“Our PTaaS platform is a game changer for the penetration testing industry,” said Alex Cote, VP of Operations at Vumetric.

“We’ve streamlined the process of conducting cybersecurity assessments, making it easier for organizations to manage their pentest projects and track progress without compromising test quality,” Cote continued.

The PTaaS platform is powered by Vumetric’s in-house team of experienced and certified penetration testers, who leverage their extensive knowledge, recognized testing methodologies, and real-world hacking techniques to identify vulnerabilities that automated tools may miss.

This approach ensures a comprehensive security assessment that helps organizations gain a detailed understanding of their risks and effectively prioritize remediation efforts.

In addition, the PTaaS platform enables organizations to efficiently comply with industry regulations and standards by providing clear, concise reports and official attestations that can be used to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead (e.g.: SOC2, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, HIPAA, etc.).

With this innovative platform, organizations can securely and effectively test and protect their mission-critical IT systems and applications from cybersecurity threats.

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