Flashpoint Ignite accelerates cross-functional risk mitigation and prevention

Flashpoint has released Ignite, a new intelligence platform that accelerates cross-functional risk mitigation and prevention across CTI, vulnerability management, national security, and physical security teams.

Flashpoint Ignite

Ignite combines Flashpoint’s intelligence with an integrated user experience to help organizations streamline workflows, find relevant information, and reduce exposure to cyber and physical threats.

Ignite delivers a holistic, real-time picture of all pertinent risks while reducing silos that can result from disparate intelligence feeds from multiple specialized partners.

Ignite is the intelligence platform that delivers essential outcomes across multiple teams, helping organizations across the private and public sector:

  • Save time, money, and resources by organizing and unifying mission-critical intelligence across multiple classes into one workspace.
  • Take decisive action with trusted intelligence from Flashpoint’s team of experts.
  • Improve operational efficiency and address the cybersecurity skills shortage with a lightning-fast interface that’s engineered to bring the most relevant, team-specific information to the surface.
  • Integrate and interoperate with external tooling and other Flashpoint solutions, including Managed Attribution and Automate.

“Flashpoint Ignite is built for practitioners, helping them rapidly locate the most relevant team-tailored intelligence from our world-class collections returning search results in less than a second,” said Patrick Gardner, Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Flashpoint.

“It’s also a unifier—a bridge between teams that catalyzes an organization’s ability to fully understand its risk profile, prioritize operations, and efficiently tackle daily challenges. Easy to find. Mission-critical. Actionable. And fast. That’s the Ignite experience we’re delivering to customers,” Gardner continued.

Ignite’s universal search capabilities allow users to find valuable conversations and context quickly and intuitively. Ignite offers text, video, and image Optical Character Recognition (OCR); rule-based alerting; news-style finished intelligence reports; personalized dashboards; and easy access to RFIs, which can be requested in-platform and quickly completed by Flashpoint’s Intel Team comprising 100 analysts who speak more than 35 languages.

Future augmentations will soon be made available via the expansion of Flashpoint’s partnership with Google Cloud on industry-leading AI-driven innovations, which will support the delivery of generative AI to Flashpoint customers.

Ignite: Intelligence meets mission-centric functionality

Flashpoint’s intelligence collections, widely considered the industry standard-bearer, gives organizations in the commercial and public sectors, from financial services and technology companies to governments and law enforcement, a comprehensive picture of their risk profiles.

Whether its visibility into the deep and dark web (DDW), open-source/surface web, threat actor groups, vulnerabilities, breaches, or geospatial intelligence, Flashpoint’s finished intelligence reports and raw collections are easily accessible and actionable on the Ignite platform.

Flashpoint Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) allows analysts to search through thousands of sources, monitor the communication between illicit actors, and consume finished intelligence reports written by Flashpoint analysts to understand their risks and make informed decisions on where, when, and how to act.

Vulnerability Management (VulnDB) arms vulnerability teams with the intelligence and contextual information needed to effectively identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities. It combines insights from publicly available CVEs, with more than 97K vulnerabilities not covered by CVE/NVD, and is mapped to related intelligence from threat actor communications and message boards, to help teams better understand how threat actors are exploiting them.

Flashpoint Physical Security Intelligence supports critical security workflows for Physical Security teams. It empowers users to monitor key locations and assets, get real-time alerts about relevant critical events, investigate incidents, and be equipped with the information needed for proactive, intelligence-led physical security. It combines Flashpoint’s data collections with unparalleled intelligence expertise, and geospatial enrichments to help teams make better decisions faster.

Flashpoint National Security Intelligence is a purpose-built solution that combines best-in-industry open-source data collections with intelligence expertise, investigative tools, and AI enrichments to help government security and intelligence teams inform, operate, attack, defend, and influence. The solution is designed to deliver on-the-ground situational awareness to support mission-driven teams in Defense, the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, State and Local Government, and Federal Civilian Agencies.

Flashpoint will introduce its latest innovation at the RSA 2023 Conference in San Francisco.

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