Codenotary partners with Snyk to ensure the integrity and security of the entire software supply chain

Codenotary and Snyk alliance agreement provides enhanced security and trust for the modern development organization seeking to assure that only known and trusted artifacts are used in software builds.

Vulnerability scanners are widely used by organizations of all sizes and across all industries to identify security weaknesses in their software and systems. With the increasing emphasis on cybersecurity and the growing sophistication of cyber attacks, maintaining code security early and across the development process has become essential to an organization’s overall security strategy.

Now, users are looking to find and fix vulnerabilities in combination with code signing, Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), and runtime protection.

“The partnership between Codenotary and Snyk is an exciting development in the field of software security,” said Moshe Bar, CEO, Codenotary.

“By combining Codenotary’s expertise in software supply chain protection with Snyk’s developer security solutions, the two companies can offer a more comprehensive and effective approach to securing the modern development organization,” Bar added.

As software development becomes more complex and distributed, with an increasing number of components and dependencies, it’s essential to ensure the integrity and security of the entire supply chain.

By providing end-to-end visibility and protection, Codenotary and Snyk can help organizations identify and mitigate security risks early and throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

“Our agreement represents a new level of collaboration between developer security and supply chain protection, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to software security,” said Jill Wilkins, senior director, Global Alliances, at Snyk.

“By integrating our technologies, our two companies can provide developers and organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to build and deploy secure software while ensuring the integrity and security of the entire software supply chain,” Wilkins concluded.

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