Tines develops Cases to optimize automation and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise

With Tines Cases, security and IT teams can manage and track incidents, investigate security breaches, and manage response activities. The new solution extends the strength of the Tines platform by empowering teams to collaborate on anomalies and build better automations to remediate them.

Historically, case management has been used to curate incidents when automation has failed. However, this approach can lead to significant case backlogs when automation fails too often. Cases solve for this with better, smarter automation. The new solution surfaces opportunities to optimize existing workflows or introduce new ones, ensuring organizations are prepared to address evolving threats.

“Automation only accounts for the known, but Cases surface the unknown,” said Eoin Hinchy, CEO at Tines. “We have witnessed firsthand how our customers’ workflows sometimes encounter something unexpected. In response to this, we developed Cases so they can identify, respond to, and remediate incidents faster and more effectively. We believe good automation should reduce the need for case management, not rely on it, and Cases represent this next evolution in automation.”

With Cases, Tines is providing the ability to analyze trends within a workflow and create tasks based on those trends, or even within a workflow.

Other features include:

  • Team collaboration and remediation: Cases are created from user-defined records that monitor metadata across story runs within a team — all from the Tines platform;
  • Enhanced visibility: Users can view the status of incidents and actions taken by colleagues, collaborate effectively, and resolve issues quickly;
  • Identification of trends and outcomes: Teams are able to create new workflows, extending automation and reducing the likelihood of incidents recurring. In addition, teams can collaborate on anomalies and build better automations; and,
  • Seamless integration with other tools: Users can extend the visibility of Cases by incorporating them in more places with build APIs or pages.

Tines’ overall approach to automation enables security teams to more effectively protect their organizations from cyber threats. Cases complements this approach with the flexibility to connect cases to the systems organizations need and access them across the Tines platform.

“APIs can return an overwhelming data set,” said Allen Cox, Senior Director, Security & IT at MyFitnessPal.

“With records, we can surface the most important data from multiple stories into a single view. Creating this view is incredibly intuitive, and it’s helped us demystify what’s happening across our automations,” Cox concluded.

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