Habu announces AWS Clean Rooms solution for democratized data collaboration

Habu has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and has launched a new solution to integrate its Data Clean Room offering with AWS Clean Rooms, and enable customers and their partners to analyze their collective data sets without sharing or copying each other’s underlying data.

The solution makes it easier for business users to leverage Habu’s tools to get started with AWS Clean Rooms. For advertisers and marketers, this solution simplifies use cases for key marketing activities such as audience insights, activation, measurement, and attribution while better protecting their data.

As companies of all types and sizes are looking for greater access to data and insights for a more complete view of their business, they are increasingly looking to complement their first-party data with data from their external business partners.

However, these companies want to protect the sensitive, underlying data of their customers and are looking for solutions to help them analyze datasets in a protected environment, where participants can generate insights while safeguarding each participant’s data. Companies increasingly want their business users to be able to leverage data clean rooms more seamlessly to drive data driven decision making.

Habu’s solution helps business users with little technical expertise to easily create and join an AWS Clean Rooms collaboration in minutes. For example, marketers can use Habu’s interface to analyze their combined datasets in a few clicks.

With a focus on democratizing data clean room access for any company and end-user, Habu is launching a solution to power orchestration for AWS Clean Rooms for AWS customers and their partners to analyze and collaborate on their collective datasets – without sharing or copying each other’s underlying data.

Habu is leveraging AWS Clean Rooms to help companies uncover insights through privacy-enhanced data analysis, empowering them to deliver more customized user experiences and improve their business goals. Habu customers can now benefit from AWS Clean Rooms’ broad set of configurable data access controls—including query controls, query output restrictions, and query logging—that allow companies to customize restrictions on the queries run by each clean room participant.

With this new AWS Clean Rooms solution, Habu’s customers and partners are now able to easily collaborate with hundreds of thousands of companies already using Amazon S3 without them needing to load their data onto another platform or having to maintain a copy of their data outside of an AWS environment. The addition of this collaboration workflow is meaningful for privacy-enhanced data analysis for use cases in advertising and marketing, media, and other industries.

“For a brand to be able to fully harness their own first-party data and also tap into high value signals from strategic partners, without either party having to move or expose that data to each other, is an amazing opportunity we are excited to explore with our clients,” said Krystal Oliveri, Global Chief Innovation Officer, GroupM & Choreograph.

“We are excited to work with Habu and AWS and help some of the world’s leading brands to not only navigate this inflection point in our industry, but to innovate, differentiate, and deliver long-term value through data collaboration,” Oliveri continued.

Using Habu, customers can leverage a library of pre-built queries and visualizations, while data scientists have the ability to develop custom, privacy-safe workflows and advanced solutions. This includes capabilities for profile enrichment, journey analysis, advanced targeting and measurement, modeling, and activation. The overarching goal of this partner solution offering is to accelerate value realization through exponential growth of data collaborations.

“Companies across industries are looking to build a holistic view of their business by securely bringing together disparate datasets across multiple parties,” said Akram Chetibi, General Manager of AWS Clean Rooms at AWS.

“We are excited for the launch of Habu’s solution for AWS Clean Rooms, which will bring AWS Clean Rooms’ privacy-enhancing benefits to customers directly in Habu’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform,” Chetibi added.

“In order to enable data-driven brands to achieve more precise targeting and effective measurement, the need for increased data accessibility is paramount,” said Matt Kilmartin, Habu CEO.

“We are excited to share the news of our partner solution leveraging AWS Clean Rooms. This solution aims to deliver secure, seamless, and automated collaboration solutions to accelerate mutually beneficial business growth for brands and their trusted partners,” Kilmartin concluded.

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