Hubble Aurora empowers businesses to gain insights into their technology ecosystems

Hubble announced its next-generation Technology Asset Visibility and Cybersecurity Posture Management Platform, Aurora.

Hubble Aurora

Aurora builds on the foundation of Hubble’s existing Asset Intelligence platform, providing users with asset visibility and insights into their cybersecurity posture, with new features such as a no-code dashboarding interface and a rich, open schema and SDK for integrating Hubble Asset Intelligence into third-party applications.

“Organizations and regulators alike, are awakening to the fundamental nature of having a precise and continually updated IT inventory to underpin any successful security program”, said Tom Parker, CEO of Hubble Technology. “Aurora™ is the result of carefully listening to our early adopters and trusted advisors over the past three years and creating a platform that addresses the risks created by the false sense of security that has been created by legacy CMDB, CAASM, and ASM vendors”.

In today’s fast-paced cyber landscape, where organizations’ technology environments are evolving as fast as the threats and regulations they face, visibility and control assurance are paramount for a secure, compliant, and resilient business. Aurora brings this critical aspect to the forefront, going beyond CAASM by empowering organizations to fully comprehend their technology asset ecosystem and security control posture, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or remote locations.

Hubble enables its customers to construct a precise, continuously updated end-to-end knowledge graph of their assets. Through Aurora’s unique asset data analytics, data visualization, and reporting capabilities, Aurora enables decision-makers and operators across the entire security and IT organizations – from security operations to vulnerability management, risk and compliance, and more.

Hubble’s patent allowances cover the core capabilities of the Aurora platform, which enable the ingestion of data from multiple sources, to create a unified asset record. Aurora further builds on these capabilities, with an immersive user experience with several key features:

Choose your journey: A defining feature of Aurora is the capability for users to customize workspaces. Understanding that each user has distinct needs, Aurora enables the creation of tailored views compiling essential information. With a combination of out-of-the-box content and fully custom dashboards, users have the power to tailor an experience that is most relevant to their role.

Ask complex questions with ease: Our new search within Aurora features AI-powered autosuggestion, which provides intelligent recommendations as users type, streamlining the search process and reducing the time to value, and avoiding a steep learning curve that exists with many other CAASM products.

Precession matters: Harnessing the power of an agentless architecture, Aurora analyzes data from an organization’s entire tech stack, providing a precise, and continually updated asset inventory. Its exhaustive intelligence goes beyond single security tool capabilities, making it easier to spot misconfigurations and gaps.

Visualizations that speak volumes: Out-of-the-box reporting, dashboards, and graph visualizations enable organizations to rapidly identify and act on control gaps, while understanding the relationships between assets, enabling risk-based prioritization.

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