Truework Guardian improves employee data security

Truework launched Truework Guardian, a new verification automation tool for employees, employers and payroll providers that replaces the manual HR verification process while increasing the protection of sensitive data.

Guardian is a solution to help payroll providers and Human Capital Management systems (HCMs) automate verifications for every employer while protecting employee data through unique risk scoring on every request.

Guardian allows payroll providers to scale verification to thousands of employers without sacrificing on data security, privacy, or transactional speed. Similar to modern credit card systems where consumers are alerted about potential fraudulent transactions, Guardian notifies employees whenever a verification request is deemed suspicious, requiring additional authorization before sensitive data is shared.

Within the Guardian product, payroll providers and HCMs can use Truework’s proprietary Transactional Risk Scoring system to set thresholds for which verifications are auto-approved and which require additional employee authorization.

“Helping protect employee data while accelerating high-impact financial transactions, like buying a home, is at the core of Truework’s mission,” said CEO Ryan Sandler. “With Guardian, payroll providers finally have the ability to automate verifications for every employer using risk-based insights to flag potentially fraudulent requests. This provides the best possible employee and employer experience.”

In 2021, Truework launched the Payroll Network alongside Gusto and Rippling to allow payroll providers to customize data sharing settings for employers and employees on their platform, improving data transparency and control. Guardian is the next evolution in this offering, allowing payroll providers and HCMs to standardize verification automation for every employer using their platform.

“Requiring additional employee authorization on a high-touch transaction like applying for a mortgage adds unnecessary friction because the employee has already provided consent,” added Sandler. “With Guardian, we analyze unique risk insights based on the reputation of the verifier, the classification of the verifying institution, as well as IP address and other data points to only require additional authorization when the risk of fraud is elevated.”

Before Guardian, many verification providers would automatically approve verification requests without a full assessment of risk, significantly increasing the chances of fraud or identity theft for all employees.

In 2023, Truework has onboarded 3 new payroll partners into their instant data network representing over 8 million employees. Guardian is currently available for over 48 million employees spanning across some of the largest payroll systems in the country.

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