Deloitte expands MXDR solution with new operational technology and identity modules

Deloitte has expanded their MXDR cybersecurity solution to help support some of the unique challenges for enterprise, cloud, and operational technology (OT) security operations center (SOC) delivery, by developing two new modules for identity security and mission-critical OT.

“As the threat landscape continues to change rapidly, we want to offer Deloitte’s existing and future clients access to what we call the ‘next generation’ MXDR, enhancing security for our clients’ most important assets,” says Emily Mossburg, Deloitte Global Cyber leader. “With this MXDR expansion, in collaboration with CrowdStrike and Claroty, Deloitte focuses on helping organizations take a more proactive defensive posture in their cyber programs—whether they choose to do so via the whole platform or use of just a few of our MXDR modules.”

Chris Richter, Deloitte Global Cyber Detect & Respond product leader, adds, “When MXDR by Deloitte was launched in 2022, it was designed to enable rapid innovation to address a dynamic threat landscape. Deloitte is constantly innovating its cyber offerings to help clients confidently and efficiently adapt to these challenges. With the addition of advanced detection and response capabilities for identity and OT, MXDR by Deloitte extends its reach to protect some of the most critical—and targeted—elements within clients’ environments. The enhanced, SaaS-based MXDR by Deloitte platform can help organizations globally via our EU, APAC, US commercial, and US FedRAMP-authorized capabilities supported by 24x7x365 security operations centers while driving down their TCO.”

Already a cloud native software as a service (SaaS)-delivered platform of integrated, composable, and modular managed detection and response technologies and supporting capabilities, including advanced threat hunting, detection, containment, response, isolation, and remediation services – MXDR by Deloitte now includes:

Prevention, detection, and response for identity – Working closely with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform and CrowdStrike’s Identity Protection modules, Deloitte has enhanced and operationalized its ability to prevent, detect, and automatically respond to attacks seeking to compromise identity platforms and credentials earlier in the kill chain, reducing the risk of client impact. This complements our MXDR Insider Threat module that layers in additional credential-compromise capabilities.

Prevention, detection, and response for operational technology (OT) – With our MXDR OT module, Deloitte worked closely with Claroty and CrowdStrike to help leverage their technology integration to provide the end-to-end detection and response, vulnerability management, lifecycle visibility, and asset tracking for clients’ OT systems – business critical systems and assets that control, manage, and monitor industrial equipment, process, production, and operations.

The enhanced MXDR by Deloitte capabilities will be available worldwide in the coming months. Launched in 2022, MXDR by Deloitte is a fully managed cybersecurity solution designed to protect an organization’s entire extended enterprise from internal and external cyber threats by operating 24x7x365 cyber threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation capabilities.

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