Datadog Security Inbox brings various security insights together into one actionable list

Datadog announced Security Inbox, a new capability for engineers to prioritize and remediate the most important security issues impacting their production applications.

Traditional security products specialize in identifying massive volumes of specific risks such as runtime attacks, vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. And engineers spend countless hours triaging each type of risk and manually stringing together relevant pieces from different places along with environment context to evaluate what they need to remediate within their applications and infrastructure. And yet, many such risks are correlated and interconnected with each other, all with a common root cause.

Security Inbox provides all Datadog security users a single, actionable list of their top security issues. The capability automatically groups individual signals coming from Datadog security products across vulnerabilities, threats, misconfigurations and identity risks.

By consolidating this list automatically, Security Inbox removes the manual, boilerplate work of stringing evidence from separate sources. Leveraging and combining rich security and observability context from Datadog, Security Inbox prioritizes and resurfaces actual critical information through reports, alerts and notifications so users can focus on what really matters.

Security Inbox for Cloud Security Management is now generally available for all Datadog customers. In addition to Security Inbox, the following capabilities were announced today in public beta:

  • Cloud Security Management now detects vulnerabilities in both containers and hosts to further extend customers’ security coverage.
  • New CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) capabilities for security teams quickly pinpoint which identities are using the permissions available to them and then right-sizes those permissions to adopt a zero-trust principle of least privileged access.
  • Datadog Application Security Management now covers code-level vulnerabilities within production applications and integrates with API Catalog to detect threats against customers’ application APIs.

“With Datadog’s new Security Inbox, security and DevOps teams can safeguard their cloud-native environments proactively without having to qualify complex alerts across different tools,” said Prashant Prahlad, VP of Cloud Security Management Products at Datadog. “Code-level vulnerability detection extends our existing application security offering to find and fix security vulnerabilities in code. These new capabilities are a testament to Datadog’s commitment to helping organizations secure their cloud-native applications and infrastructure.”

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