Gomboc raises $5 million to deliver cloud infrastructure remediation

Gomboc announced its seed round of over $5 million, led by Glilot Capital and Hetz Ventures, and with participation from strategic angel investors. Coming out of their private beta testing phase, Gomboc’s platform is already in use by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. The company will use this initial funding to accelerate product development and establish its go-to-market strategy to meet demand.

Gomboc has built a deterministic AI engine that outputs precise and secure Infrastructure as Code. Trained nightly, the engine has a complete and up-to-date understanding of major cloud service providers. With Gomboc, security teams can continuously enforce cloud security policies, and DevOps teams immediately deploy remediations.

“We are delivering on the promise of true remediation,” said Ian Amit, Co-Founder and CEO of Gomboc.ai. “Many security platforms have been created to tell you what issues to fix, why to fix them, and in what order you should fix them for the highest impact. Instead, our approach with Gomboc is to use AI to provide context-aware remediations immediately and present the solution to DevOps teams to approve.”

  • No more remediation backlog. Gomboc can immediately and continuously push fixes for DevOps teams to approve through a pull request, ensuring all cloud infrastructure security findings are addressed without fatiguing teams.
  • No learning curve required. Gomboc’s AI engine works with all popular Infrastructure as Code platforms, eliminating the need for learning a new language or tooling. Teams can focus on security needs and use drag-and-drop plain text security policies for Gomboc to enforce.
  • No AI randomness or hallucinations. Gomboc’s deterministic AI sets it apart from other GPT-based LLM startups by producing accurate code that adheres strictly to an organization’s cloud environment and security standards, unlike current LLM platforms that generate statistically correct outcomes with room for error.

According to Kobi Samboursky, Founder and Managing Partner at Glilot Capital Partners, “Remediation has continued to be a headache for security and DevOps teams alike. We find Gomboc’s approach to both cloud security and AI to be refreshing and logical. They have engineered an extremely defensible strategy to fix a painful issue plaguing cloud security. We believe it will quickly become essential to every CISO’s portfolio.”

“We are excited to work with Gomboc.ai as a design partner. I’m looking to finally find a solution that seamlessly remediates our entire CSPM backlog across all our products. Gomboc.ai provides a true shift-left approach for existing infrastructure and new ones.” said Richard Barretto, CISO at Progress Software.

Ian is a former CSO who spent four years securing 14 businesses at Cimpress and was also the CSO at Rapid7. Jonathan Desrocher, Gomboc’s Co-Founder and CTO, held leadership roles at AWS and Bridgewater Associates and is an alumnus of IDF’s 8200 unit. Ian and Jonathan were formerly Senior Managers at Amazon, having led Application Security, Platform Security, and Professional Services. Their unique AI expertise and first-hand experience in the problem area have given insights into how best to build a solution that works towards security and DevOps goals.

“Solving infrastructure problems directly with IaC, and in a way that takes into account the actual architecture, is an enabler for both security and DevOps teams. Gomboc.ai’s approach to this is unique and beats anything I’ve seen in the market. I expect that adopting this approach may fundamentally change how we approach cloud security,” said Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade.

“Gomboc is a time machine for security and DevOps,” said Pavel Livshiz, General Partner at Hetz Ventures. “It saves countless hours chasing misconfigurations and researching issues. Because it integrates directly into the CI/CD pipeline, remediation is as easy as approving a pull request. The fact that Gomboc is trained nightly on cloud service provider documentation is a game-changer.”

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