TXOne Networks Edge V2 isolates security breaches

TXOne Networks announced the second generation of its Edge engine for eliminating the spread of operational technology (OT) network infections and safeguarding reliable operations.

TXOne Networks Edge V2

Edge V2 delivers automatic rule generation, enabling effortless network segmentation in complex, large-scale OT environments.

Our Edge suite of solutions helps to ensure the reliability, safety and availability of industrial processes and infrastructure by delivering proactive protection of OT assets and eliminating malicious acts during the crucial production stage,” said Terence Liu, CEO, TXOne Networks.

“The introduction of our unique capability for automatic rule generation in Edge V2 is a breakthrough for semiconductor companies and organizations in sectors such as manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive and pharmaceuticals. Edge V2 eliminates months of effort in preparing an OT environment for effective network segmentation to keep operations running throughout cybersecurity events,” added Liu.

OT environments often are giant, diverse and flat networks in which a compromise of one device can quickly propagate via an internal network to all other connected devices. Effective network segmentation is the first crucial step to controlling and mitigating the harm of security events. But because each network segment typically is characterized by different applications, software and hardware that work together to accomplish certain OT tasks, it historically has been time-consuming, labor-intensive and prohibitively expensive to define the potentially thousands of rules around what network protocols and signals are allowed to be transmitted across a given segment in the event of a breach.

The Edge V2 engine enables effortless network segmentation via automated rule generation and learning. The TXOne Networks solution learns from the communications traffic passing through an organization’s network and generates customized OT-protocol trust lists for that specific infrastructure.

Edge V2 is equipped with operation-oriented OT network visibility design and an advanced OT-intelligent policy deployment mechanism. The solution also delivers inline virtual patching for proactive protection from vulnerabilities without operational downtime, form-factor flexibility for building a defense-in-depth posture and deep analysis across a tremendous range of network protocols.

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