GCX launches GNSX in partnership with Palo Alto Networks

Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has launched GNSX, a managed solution that delivers global end-to-end, zero trust hybrid networking coupled with real-time visibility, security, and control, all backed by user experience metrics and Experience Level agreements (XLAs).

A seamless integration of GCX’s Global network and security services, GNSX was designed to improve the performance and simplify the support of hybrid environments, securely, in one place, while providing the customer with the freedom and flexibility to connect from anywhere using any device.

GNSX is powered by Palo Alto Networks products: Prisma SASE solution (which includes Prisma Access, Prisma SD-WAN and Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)), Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and AIOps for NGFW.

Many organisations employ SD-WAN technology to reduce costs, strengthen connectivity, and gain greater control and visibility of their networks. However, legacy SD-WAN was built to connect branch offices to the cloud, and organisations need to securely connect their distributed and hybrid workforce to the applications in the cloud. GNSX reflects today’s hybrid working practices and offers a secure, seamless transition between public and private networks for improved latency and control at a lower price point.

When using traditional security architectures, much of the data sent from remote devices can be largely unprotected until it reaches the cloud. However, SASE powered by Prisma SASE is at the heart of GNSX. This means that from the moment a data packet leaves a user’s site or device, it is secured and controlled for the entire length of its journey.

As well as allowing organisations to monitor the performance of applications in real-time, GNSX enables them to view the performance of the network they’re connected to, and how it connects to a given application. Knowing how and why an issue occurs means it can be resolved quickly.

Lorenzo Romano, Managing Director at GCX, explains: “As network and security experts, we considered what it would mean for businesses if network visibility empowered them to fully understand what all their users were doing, how data flowed across their network, how those flows affected user experience, and whether that data was secured, compliant, or compromised – all while saving money. This consideration led to the development of GNSX.”

“Whether using a private, public, or hybrid network, and regardless of location or device, GNSX offers customers peace of mind knowing their data is secure, and that it routes seamlessly across their global network while optimising price, performance, and experience,” Romano continued.

Jonathan Wright, Director of Products and Operations at GCX adds: “GNSX goes beyond simply showing whether a network is performing. Instead, it monitors the user experience at an application level, using a real-time XLA dashboard to show how applications perform and their security status for users over a given period.”

“This insight empowers IT directors to optimise everything from network performance to security and even spending, so they can invest in the right areas rather than blindly throwing money at a problem,” Wright added.

Gavin Mee, VP, EMEA West & North at Palo Alto Networks says of the partnership: “In order to secure today’s hybrid workforce, organisations must provide fast and secure access to their applications and systems regardless of their employees’ location. By leveraging our AI-powered Prisma SASE solution, GNSX can deliver zero trust security that enables customers to remain protected, irrespective of where their employees are located or what device they are using, with the best performance in the industry.”

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