HCL BigFix 11 accelerates endpoint management strategies for organizations

HCLSoftware launched HCL BigFix 11 featuring Gen AI integration for secure infrastructure and operations automation.

With its hybrid multi-cloud offering, HCL BigFix enables the seamless integration of intelligent automation as a plug-and-play solution.

HCL BigFix 11 introduced three new modules that leverage the power of Gen AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) to transform customer success:

  • Gen AI transforms user experience with BigFix AEX: By leveraging the power of Gen AI, BigFix AEX delivers a user-centric approach to endpoint management, ensuring a seamless and intuitive end-user experience.
  • BigFix RunBook.AI delivers zero touch automation: RunBook.AI combines the DRYiCE iAutomate engine and BigFix AEX, built on HCL PromptO, to deliver AI-driven intelligent automation. With BigFix RunBook.AI, organizations can streamline operations, eliminate manual tasks and automate incident resolution.
  • CyberFOCUS analytics unleashes the power of data: CyberFOCUS Security Analytics, a leading analytics and reporting engine, transforms raw data into actionable insights by providing an in-depth understanding of organizations’ security posture.

“At HCLSoftware, we are committed to harnessing the power of Gen AI to benefit our customers,” said Kalyan Kumar, CPO, HCLSoftware. “By integrating Gen AI features into the HCL BigFix platform, we empower organizations to maintain agility, security, and responsiveness in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Furthermore, HCL BigFix resides on HCLSoftware’s hybrid multi-cloud platform as a secure and elastic solution.”

In today’s complex, hyper-connected and dynamic technology landscape, digital transformation is vital for businesses, but it’s insufficient without robust security. HCL BigFix 11 offers comprehensive endpoint management with a strong emphasis on AI-driven, secure automated patching, compliance, and analytics to expedite Digital+ initiatives.

“With our formidable Gen AI capabilities, HCL BigFix 11 doesn’t just streamline operations and fortify security; it sets a new standard for user experience excellence,” said Kristin Hazlewood, SVP and GM, HCL Software. “HCL BigFix 11 equips IT teams to deliver extraordinary results with unmatched efficiency.”

BigFix 11 accelerates ITOps with artificial intelligence and aligns it with SecOps to provide executives with tools to assess cyber risk in business decisions. Additionally, HCL BigFix 11 features significant enhancements to existing capabilities like Compliance PCI-DSS V4.0 support, Rapid7 integration, and strengthened platform security.

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