NetWitness delivers visibility into a vast array of network assets with the 12.3 update

NetWitness launches 12.3 update of its NetWitness Intelligent Threat Detection and Response Platform.

The latest update offers enterprises more visibility into cyber threats than ever before with passive discovery, categorization, and ranking of all network assets, which allows companies to best prioritize potential risks.

NetWitness’s 12.3 update also gives businesses more visibility into the way their distributed teams work, whether remote or on-premises. The full update includes:

  • NetWitness Insight — An all-new cloud analytics service that discovers, categorizes, and ranks assets throughout the customer environment, using unsupervised machine learning.
  • Additional log integrations — Drives further visibility with tools like FluentD, Jamf, Zscaler, Azure Kubernetes, Symantec Data Center Security, and VMware Unified Access Gateway.
  • Endpoint enhancements — Provides a remote shell into agents to allow analysts to explore and extract further artifacts from agents.
  • SASE integrations — Delivers unparalleled visibility into encrypted traffic, remote users, and cloud workload.

“As networks become more complex, security teams need a more complete understanding of all their assets, both on-premises and in the cloud, to ensure the best protection for their enterprise,” said Tod Ewasko, CPO of NetWitness. “With NetWitness 12.3, they are given the power to optimize time, resources, and prioritize tasks through expanded visibility across their entire organization.”

The launch of 12.3 expands on NetWitness’s mission to deliver comprehensive visibility and insight into the vast array of network assets spread across on-premises and cloud environments. With billions of network sessions and millions of IP addresses to sift through, identifying potential threats and anomalies demands a Herculean effort. However, NetWitness continues to change how organizations prioritize and safeguard their assets.

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