CyberArk unveils passwordless authentication options to reduce credential theft

CyberArk has expanded passwordless authentication capabilities with new passkeys support.

CyberArk passkeys

Now, CyberArk Identity customers can accelerate passwordless adoption and reduce cybersecurity risk by enabling the use of passkeys to easily access apps and websites using strong authentication methods like biometrics.

Stealing or abusing credentials to compromise identities is how most breaches begin. Passkeys extend a passwordless strategy to reduce the attack surface and minimize credential theft.

The addition of passkeys provides CyberArk Identity customers with phishing-resistant, FIDO2-compliant credentials that replace passwords, providing the strongest level of protection against identity theft and account takeover and is a NIST Authentical Assurance Level (AAL3) authentication method. Additionally, passkeys work across user devices, and even work on those within physical proximity, improving user experiences by simplifying and speeding up authentication flows.

CyberArk Identity delivers a set of SaaS solutions designed to simplify enterprise identity and access management while providing a high level of security. Part of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, CyberArk Identity helps today’s businesses overcome user authentication, authorization and identity management challenges accompanying business transformation initiatives.

With the CyberArk platform, organizations can enable Zero Trust and least privilege with complete visibility, enabling every identity to access any resource more securely, located anywhere, from everywhere – and with intelligent privilege controls.

CyberArk Identity also provides support for YubiKey One Time Passcode (OTP). YubiKey is a widely used physical authentication device that complies with NIST 800-63B guidelines regarding Authentication Assurance Level 2 (AAL2). With the OTP generated by their YubiKey, users can securely authenticate to any application protected by CyberArk Identity.

“Passwords are the weakest link in the security chain, and they are often the root cause of data breaches and cyberattacks. By introducing passkeys for passwordless authentication, we are further enabling our customers to eliminate passwords from their authentication workflows,” said Gil Rapaport, GM, Access, CyberArk.

“CyberArk is committed to delivering the most comprehensive and innovative identity security solutions on the market. By extending passwordless authentication options, not only are we helping to eliminate password-based risk for our customers, but we are also improving productivity and the overall user experience,” added Rapaport.

Passwordless authentication with passkeys is available now as part of the CyberArk Identity 23.11 release.

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