Armis releases version 23.3 of the Armis Centrix platform

Armis has unveiled the availability of version 23.3 of the Armis Centrix platform. New enhanced integrations, utilizing Armis’ AI Asset Intelligence Engine, enhances organizations’ ability to strategically combine comprehensive data and sophisticated intelligence to efficiently drive key security processes and outcomes.

Automated ticketing for vulnerability prioritization and remediation and improved management of alerts are some of the developments customers will benefit from.

Moreover improvements were added to Armis Centrix Connected Medical Device Security solution with focus on biomedical users to help them manage and monitor medical assets more effectively. Enhancements to Armis Centrix OT/IoT security solution increases coverage to more use cases and integrates with more OT vendors to increase scale and visibility across different OT networks.

“Armis works in lockstep with its customers, developing new features to our platform based on customer growth paths and the challenges they face,” said Dana Gilboa, CPO, Armis.

“This release broadens the use cases and individual toolkits organizations can utilize through the platform as they manage their attack surface. With new techniques for asset discovery on top of existing network traffic analysis and integrations, enterprises can continue to take a proactive stance on risk and attack surface analysis,” Gilboa continued.

Version 23.3 also introduces a new user interface, which is more intuitive and includes major dashboard and reporting enhancements as well as new dark mode support. Improvements in user experience were also introduced with new functionality including better management of collectors, boundaries, network discovery, and integrations – which will dramatically speed up, and also automate, case loads to improve team performance.

Version 23.3 also brings significant improvements to SOC use cases, including enhancements in alerts which enable globally distributed teams to conduct investigations regardless of their location.

Armis Centrix, the cyber exposure management platform, is powered by the Armis AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine, which sees, protects and manages billions of assets around the world in real time.

Armis Centrix is a seamless, frictionless, cloud-based platform that proactively mitigates all cyber asset risks, remediates vulnerabilities, blocks threats, and protects the entire attack surface.

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