Guide: Application security posture management deep dive

Distinguishing real, business-critical application risks is more challenging than ever. A siloed, ad hoc approach to AppSec generates noisy false positives that overwhelm under-resourced security teams.

guide application security posture management

You need a multidimensional approach that leverages deep context to continuously map, programmatically prioritize, effectively address, and reliably assess application risk. That’s where ASPM comes in, helping you get code-to-runtime visibility, reduce your backlog, and optimize your application security posture.

In this ASPM deep dive, we’ll cover:

  • Why a new, risk-based approach to ASPM is needed
  • How a holistic approach is the key to AppSec efficiency
  • The four must-have components for an ASPM
  • Considerations to make when evaluating ASPMs.

This guide is no longer available.

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