Lookout introduces SSE solution for mid-market enterprises

Lookout announced an edition of the Lookout Cloud Security Platform, the Company’s Security Service Edge (SSE) solution, that specifically addresses the unique challenges and demands faced by mid-sized enterprises.

This includes an automated deployment process that empowers IT security teams to implement and manage data-centric cloud security seamlessly.

Today’s mid-market enterprises (1K-5K employees) encounter all the same complexities of large organizations while working with tighter budgets, multiple tools and legacy technologies. These challenges not only present the risk of leaving valuable data vulnerable to attack, but at the other extreme, overly protective security strategies can also restrict business.

Lookout’s mid-market SSE edition is designed to take the complexity out of security while delivering zero-trust access and protecting data wherever it goes. The Lookout Cloud Security Platform allows administrators to implement security policies once and then manage the entire solution from a single console, reducing effort and providing a more simplified experience.

Designed around a defense-in-depth approach to protecting data against a modern threat and addressing the progressive stages of an attack, the Lookout Cloud Security Platform is purpose-built to provide customers with the layered approach they need to combat today’s modern breaches.

The platform continuously monitors the risk posture of users and their devices to provide dynamic and granular zero-trust access based on the sensitivity level of apps and data, enabling organizations to protect their workers, devices, applications and data from unauthorized access and modern-day internet-based threats.

Services in the platform include: Secure Private Access (ZTNA), Secure Internet Access (SWG) and Secure Cloud Access (CASB).

Key features and benefits:

  • Low-touch, self-guided deployment: The onboarding process is simple, allowing organizations to quickly onboard, configure, and protect data in 60 minutes or less.
  • Single policy: Reducing the need to jump between different dashboards, Lookout only asks organizations to dial in their security policies once before they are enforced across the entire company.
  • Data-centric approach: Lookout adopts a data-centric approach to security that allows smaller organizations to maximize visibility, access and control over their data.
  • Ease of management: Smaller enterprises grappling with a shortage of in-house cybersecurity expertise can benefit from Lookout’s guided online deployment process, out-of-the-box templates and centralized policy enforcement – all from a single console.
  • Simplified packaging and pricing: Lookout offers clear and straightforward pricing structures, ensuring organizations with any budget can access advanced security measures without sacrificing protection.
  • Scalable cloud-based solutions: Lookout’s cloud-based security solutions are designed to scale easily, accommodating future business needs without the burden of investing in expensive infrastructure upgrades.

“Mid-sized enterprises have the same level of complexity in their infrastructure as their larger counterparts, the same level of sensitive data they need to protect, and must comply to the same regulations, and they need to do this with fewer people and smaller budgets,” said Aaron Cockerill, EVP of Product & Security, Lookout. “The mid-market version of our Lookout Cloud Security Platform is a game-changer because it provides a straightforward, cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on security.”

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