New Relic empowers IT and engineering teams to focus on real application security problems

New Relic launched new capabilities for New Relic IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing), including proof-of-exploit reporting for application security testing.

New Relic customers can now identify exploitable vulnerabilities with an ability to reproduce the problem and remediate the specific threat vector before shipping new code. This enables security and engineering teams to focus on real application security problems with zero false positives, as validated by the OWASP benchmark result of 100% accuracy.

Developers often face a flood of security alerts from legacy code scanners and are then forced to manually investigate them. Engineers can spend up to 60% of their development time triaging vulnerabilities that pose little risk to the business while exploitable vulnerabilities are not fixed. This builds frustration and friction, hampering their ability to focus on writing and shipping quality applications.

Proof-of-exploit reporting categorizes applications as safe, exploitable, or untested, helping engineers quickly identify vulnerabilities and make informed decisions on which app to deploy to production or retest. With instant feedback on security issues during the development cycle, security and engineering teams can come together to securely and quickly ship code.

“Security must be ingrained in the development culture, not just added on. New Relic IAST offers engineering and IT teams the ability to identify real application security risks with the same platform they use to monitor application performance,” said New Relic CPO Manav Khurana.

“It strengthens DevSecOps by bringing developers and security teams together to write secure code that defends against the threats of tomorrow and promotes a proactive stance on security. For well over a decade, the New Relic full-stack observability platform has bridged organizational silos by providing a single, trusted source of truth and unified user workflows – and now New Relic IAST furthers this mission,” added Khurana.

New updates include:

  • Proof-of-exploit reporting: Find, fix, and verify exploitable vulnerabilities with dynamic assessment capabilities that pinpoint the API calls, method calls, and traces with vulnerabilities by simulating real-world attacks.
  • Secure by design: The new risk exposure and assessment feature provides visibility into every code change showing potential vs. detected exposures so developers can quickly replicate, remediate, and validate fixes.
  • Instant ROI: New Relic IAST is the only application security solution available out of the box in a full consumption model, so users no longer pay for security shelfware that can take months to deploy.
  • Instant impact analysis: Know the number of applications impacted by a vulnerability and the potential severity of the identified risk with APM telemetry integrated with vulnerability management.

IAST is native to the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, which eliminates the need for additional agents, and it is now generally available in a usage-based pricing model.

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