Next DLP Secure Data Flow prevents data theft

Next DLP launched Secure Data Flow, a capability within the Reveal Platform that uses the “What, Where, Who and How” of data’s origin, movements and modifications to provide protection.

Secure Data Flow overcomes the limitations and complexities of legacy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by complementing traditional content and sensitivity classification-based approaches with origin-based data identification, manipulation detection, and data egress controls. This results in an all-encompassing, 100% effective, false-positive-free solution that simplifies the lives of security analysts.

Recent studies show that employees download an average of 30GB of data each month from SaaS applications to their endpoints, including mobile phones, laptops, and desktops​ (Productiv)​​ (Vendr)​. This staggering volume underscores the critical need for advanced data protection measures. By tracking data from its origin as it flows to sanctioned and unsanctioned egress channels within an organization, Secure Data Flow equips security teams to prevent data theft and misuse effectively.

“Secure Data Flow is a novel approach to data protection and insider risk management,” said Ken Buckler, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates. “It not only boosts detection and protection capabilities but also streamlines the overall data management process, enhancing the fidelity of data sensitivity recognition and minimizing endpoint content inspection costs. This advancement is particularly vital given the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional legacy DLP solutions, providing a much-needed capability to more effectively safeguard sensitive data in today’s diverse technological environments.”

Key benefits of Secure Data Flow:

  • Comprehensive data tracking: Secure Data Flow secures the flow of critical business data from any SaaS application, including Salesforce, Workday, SAP, and GitHub, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected.
  • Enhanced data protection: By using data origin and sensitive data identification, Secure Data Flow safeguards your company’s intellectual property and sensitive data from accidental loss and malicious theft.
  • Insightful investigations: Security analysts investigating malicious data exfiltration gain invaluable contextual insights into data origin, manipulation, and lineage, enabling them to identify, investigate, and report on data security risks and incidents with unprecedented accuracy.

A new era in data loss prevention

“In current IT environments, Intellectual Property (IP) commonly resides in an organization’s SaaS applications and cloud data stores,” said John Stringer, Head of Product at Next DLP. “The risk here is that high-impact data in these locations cannot be easily identified based on its content. With Secure Data Flow, we help organizations protect their IP by capturing the data’s origin and using that information to track data movement and prevent data theft.”

With Secure Data Flow, Reveal sets a new standard for data protection, offering a solution that is both powerful and easy to use. It ensures that organizations can confidently protect their most critical data assets with confidence, regardless of their location or application.

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