Gitleaks: Open-source solution for detecting secrets in your code

Gitleaks is an open-source SAST tool designed to detect and prevent hardcoded secrets such as passwords, API keys, and tokens in Git repositories.


With more than 15 million Docker downloads, 16,200 GitHub stars, 7 million GitHub downloads, thousands of weekly clones, and over 700,000 Homebrew installs, Gitleaks is one of the most trusted secret scanners among security professionals, enterprises, and developers.

“Gitleaks attempts to follow the Unix philosophy of doing one thing and one thing well. That one thing is detecting secrets in Git repos (or in files). The feature that makes Giteaks stand out is the configuration system. I tried to give users an easy-to-use and extensible configuration system where you can define rules that the Gitleaks engine will use to scan for secrets,” Zach Rice, the maintainer of Gitleaks, told Help Net Security.

Future plans and download

“For the long term, I would like to add configurable credential verification,” Rice said.

Gitleaks can be installed using Homebrew, Docker, or Go. It’s available for free on GitHub in binary form for many popular platforms and OS types.

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