Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform now supports BYODL

Stellar Cyber announced that the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform now supports “Bring Your Own Data Lake” (BYODL).

This seamless integration allows organizations that have standardized their data storage framework on Splunk, Snowflake, Elastic, or AWS security data lake, or any S3 compatible storage (Wasabi, for example) to effortlessly incorporate our innovative Open XDR Platform into their security framework.

With this newly added support, Stellar Cyber addresses the concern many organizations have about the cost and complexity of undertaking a “lift and shift” to the Open XDR Platform by eliminating the need for the organization to migrate their data from an existing data lake that serves multiple functions.

“Organizations use Splunk, AWS, or Snowflake to meet different use cases,” said Aimei Wei, CTO at Stellar Cyber. “Now, with our new BYODL support, we ensure that organizations moving to our Open XDR Platform have seamless interoperability across their data lake of choice. This improves their security team’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats and significantly reduces their financial burden.”

With this announcement, organizations using Splunk, Elastic Search, Snowflake, AWS, or any S3-compatible storage can use the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform’s data lake or store their data in their existing data lake. In either scenario, Stellar Cyber Open XDR will:

  • Integrate with all relevant security data sources, including but not limited to endpoint security, email security, identities/IAMs, firewalls, CASBs, SASEs, SaaS applications, etc. Any unnecessary data can be filtered out at the collection point to save processing resources and cost.
  • Normalize all data into a standard format and automatically enrich it with contextual information at data ingestion, enabling the purpose-built AI/ML models to analyze all data.
  • Once processed, the data can optionally be routed to the data lake of the customer’s choice.
  • At the same time, our Open XDR platform’s AI-based analysis engine will automatically analyze all ingested data to identify related security alerts across the entire environment. Our Graph ML techniques will automatically stitch many related alerts into a cohesive case to help analysts visualize the entire attack path. These alerts can optionally be sent to the data lake of the customer’s choice as well.
  • This AI-driven automation enables security analysts to detect threats quickly, to complete the investigation efficiently, and to initiate fully automated response actions directly from Stellar Cyber while allowing the data to reside on the data lake.

“With an open platform, we are committed to ensuring our customers are in control of their destiny when they use Stellar Cyber,” said Wei. “That includes empowering organizations to decide how to handle their data while being able to detect, investigate, and respond to threats quickly. Our support for BYODL should help many organizations that were previously concerned about the costs associated with another data lake. This flexibility in data handling eliminates a common roadblock that kept them from benefiting from the advanced automation, threat detection, and fast response capabilities our customers currently enjoy. With Stellar Cyber, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your data security.”

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