Detect Computer Abuse with Boss Everyware

Alexander Jmerik has released Boss Everyware v. 2.2, a powerful Windows security program that secretly records data about how your computer is being used.

Boss Everyware keeps a log of which programs each user has run, and how much time they’ve spent on them. In addition, it records all of the users’ keystrokes, allowing the computer owner or network administrator to answer questions about what correspondence is being created. Boss Everyware makes it easy to answer questions about what new software has been installed, and what specific web sites are being visited.

Acting as a deterrent to inappropriate computer usage, Boss Everyware can display a warning message that tells users that it is running. Or the program can be totally hidden from view, and secretly log usage information. The program can be password protected, and accessible only to the network administrator.

Boss Everyware’s data logs can be written in dBASE or a space-saving encrypted format, and exported to popular database and spreadsheet programs.

The program’s powerful internal reporting system lets you select data by user or by application, create filters for including or excluding information, and arrange the data in a variety of useful ways. You can control how to group the data, whether to show full URLs or just domains, whether to display the non-character keystrokes, and other functions that determine the usefulness and appearance of the reports.

Boss Everyware is easy to install and easy to use, with online help files and a complete tutorial. Whether it’s running on a standalone computer or a network, the program uses minimal system resources to create its data logs.

Boss Everyware v. 2.2 runs under Windows NT4/2000/95/98/Me, and all American and European keyboards are supported. The program costs $49(US) and may be purchased securely online at Site, corporate, and educational licenses are available. You can download a demo version of Boss Everyware from the same website

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