E-mail Wiretap Dodged by quantaMail Users

A Secure Solution for E-mail Communication

MIAMISBURG, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 7, 2001–A newly discovered security loophole found in several e-mail programs is revealing e-mail messages to prying eyes.

The loophole allows individuals to wiretap an e-mail sent to anyone that can accept HTML messages with JavaScript. However, if e-mail messages were sent as quantaMail, the wiretap would be defeated.

QuantaMail compresses and encrypts the original message containing the JavaScript into an attachment before sending. The recipient then opens the attachment in a special quantaMail viewing program, which is not JavaScript enabled. Since the quantaMail program will not execute JavaScript, the e-mail wiretap is defeated.

“QuantaMail is an e-mail encryption service with message destruction capabilities for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000,” said Chris Lininger, project manager for quantaMail. “Once the original message is compressed and encrypted by quantaMail, hidden programs in the message never get the chance to run.”

There are several other features that complete quantaMail’s simple usability. Users will enjoy easy installation and a friendly interface. QuantaMail also ensures automatic compression of the entire message, including attachments using zip compatible compression. The optional message tracking feature reports send time, delivery time, message subject, message size, open date and time. Available as both an Outlook add-in or a Windows stand-alone program, the software can be downloaded from http://www.encryptmyemail.com.

ASCENT SOLUTIONS, Inc. is a privately held software developer and reseller, promoting a full line of cross-platform compatible programs for the AS/400, DOS, Mac, MVS, UNIX, VM, VMS, VSE and Windows environments. ASi is a licensed PKZIP distributor and also carries UFTP and Netzip products. ASi is also the developer of QuantaZip. For more information, contact ASi at 937/847-2374 or via the Internet at www.asizip.com.

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