Forensics Explorers Introduces Netwitness, A New Weapon That Offers Unprecedented Security Against Internal And External Information Security Threats

Cabin John, MD – Forensics Explorers introduces NetWitness, a suite of products that go far beyond other network security systems and solves problems most network security software cannot even detect.

In addition, NetWitness is the only network security system that can guard against the most dangerous and difficult to detect threats: threats from an organizationÂ?s trusted employees, clients and strategic partners, the people who operate behind the firewall.

While most network security software merely tracks network activity and compares it to a list of known security risks, or calculates whether specific activity is statistically unusual, NetWitness audits and evaluates all network activity, flags network security management when potential client-specified issues arise, and produces action items which can be implemented immediately.

Â?NetWitness detects, analyzes and helps prevent both internal and external security breaches, said Mark Longworth, Forensics ExplorersÂ? general manager. It is completely configurable to match the problems and issues each customer says is most important to maintaining network security. Recently thereÂ?s been a lot of publicity about insurance policies for hacker attacks. Insurance companies should insist that, as part of the policy, companies install NetWitness to help ensure the health of the network, pinpoint the source of any attacks and mitigate their losses.

Clients can lessen liabilities related to employee action, guard against loss of intellectual property, data loss and corruption, and spot and act upon malicious, suspicious or inappropriate activities on their networks.

NetWitness will tell the network security manager that someone is transferring large files to a competitor, objectionable material has been stored on a server, and other behind the firewall activities that can be more damaging than external hacking, said Longworth. These are the sorts of activities that conventional security systems were not designed to find and help prevent. NetWitness can also be used after a security event, to reconstruct what happened, how it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. It can also archive network activity and events, so that network security managers can re-evaluate the data in many different ways.

NetWitness is available now, and has been successfully implemented within a federal government agency whose mission is national security. For more information on NetWitness and Forensics Explorers, visit

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