HNS Security Database Announced

The World’s Largest Information Security Database is Now Opened!

Help Net Security introduces a new free comprehensive security information service

Rijeka, Croatia – February 14, 2001 – Help Net Security, a popular information security portal, today announced its Security Database service. HNS Security Database consists of a large database of security related companies, their products, professional services and solutions. HNS Security Database ( will provide a valuable asset to anyone interested in implementing security measures and systems to their companies’ networks.

In recent years, predictions and actual figures on the growth of the security software market have been outrunning each other beyond anyone’s expectations and recent studies suggest we haven’t reached the end of it yet. At HNS we believe this is how it should be, security is definately not something to be neglected. However, the enormous expansion of this market can make it quite non-transparent for the end-user. With this in mind, HNS Security Database was born.

HNS Security Database offers an extensive, userfriendly approach on acquiring that information, which is relevant for everyone who ever questioned how to protect themselves from the dozens of security issues which we’ve frequently seen reported on by media as Help Net Security. In close cooperation with the companies developing the actual products and services, HNS Security Database will provide a centralized, easily accessable way to browse and search these, in this way enabling the end-users to make a calculated choice on what fits their needs.

From firewalls to encryption to penetration tests, HNS Security Database will not only show you what’s out there, but what’s out there for you.

Help Net Security has been a leading source of information regarding the security scene for several years now. Through this new, rather unique initiative in the security arena, it intends to even more position itself as a source of guidance on how to approach security related issues in personal as well as business environments. As always, this will be carried out following HNS’s principles to inform and guide without the commercial strings that are too often attached in this scene nowadays.

About Help Net Security

Help Net Security is a privately owned information security portal which started out in 1998. Initially providing its users mainly with the latest news from the InfoSec community it has grown to be one of the prime places for various inside information about computer security happenings, news from the InfoSec community and a lot of other additions like press releases, discovered vulnerabilities and patches, large security software archives, categorized articles, virus information database and stock quotes. As to improve the accessibility of its services even more the security news is also served in a which is viewable by wireless devices as WAP phones or Palm Pilots.

Help Net Security is based in Rijeka, Croatia. For further information please visit

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