Interview with Carl-Fredrik Neikter, author of NetBus

Carl-Frederik Neikter (aka CF), became very popular with his program NetBus. NetBus is remote administration tool, that can use the server computer (where patch.exe is installed). NetBus has many features that are used to “play” with “infected” computer. Yesterday (14.11.1998) CF announced that NetBus v.1.70 is out.

Are you a member of any programming group (or hack) and if you are tell something bout it)?

No. Perhaps you ask this question because you’ve seen the “member of HackPlanet” text in the about-box in NetBus. Yes, for a short time I was member there, but I wanted to go my own way and resigned.

What are your skills in programming (in which tool you work and if you have some other creations)?

NetBus is made in Borland’s Delphi, and it’s the environment I usually program Windows application in. I’ve made a lot of programs, for example the swedish SMS-program QuickSMS. QuickSMS sends SMS-messages to GSM-phones.

How did you come to the idea to create Netbus?

To let people have fun with his/hers friends. It is meant to be a fun program, and also for network administrators that want to remotely administrate.

For how long did you create it?

I don’t know, perhaps a few weeks.

Did you think that NetBus will become so popular?

No. The nice response and the high amount of incoming mails every day is overwhelming. I’m surprised that none has developed a similar program before me (at least an earlier program is not known to me).

Is NetBus inspired by any other program?

Not at all.

Will you update NetBus?

A new version of NetBus was released yesterday.

Finally, what are your future projects?

If I get more time, I will develop an even more powerful version of NetBus.



The program can be used as a nice remote administration tool, or just to have some fun with your friends on the net. The network must support TCP/IP.


NetBus consists of a server and a client-part. The server-part is the program which must be running on the computer you wish to administrate. The client-part is the program you use to connect to another computer. To install the NetBus server, you just run Patch.exe, on the target computer. By default it installs itself in the system, so it starts automatically every time Windows starts. In the NetBus-client you address the target with IP-numbers or host-names. Note that you don’t see Patch when it’s running – it’s hiding itself automatically at start-up.

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