Leading UK Security Consulting Firm to Resell Cyber-Ark’s ‘Network Vault’ Technology

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 17, 2001– CyberArk(TM) Software, Ltd., makers of the industry’s first “network vault” for securing corporate data and e-business, announced today that Global Technology Associates (GTA), a U.K.-based IT security consulting firm, will begin reselling Cyber-Ark’s PrivateArk solution. GTA is a respected authority in the Internet and network security arena and assesses corporate security needs and provides leading-edge security solutions.

Just as people use physical safes to protect valuables without having to turn their homes into fortresses, corporations use the PrivateArk Network Vault(TM) solution to store sensitive data yet keep it accessible to business partners and telecommuters via the Internet. Rather than securing an ever-changing and complex network, PrivateArk shifts an organization’s focus from the entire network to a dedicated and isolated server.

Agreement Paves Way for Rapid Deployment of PrivateArk in UK

GTA has over 1,000 clients, including some of England’s leading financial, insurance, health, education and public institutions. Clients also include ntl (NYSE: NLI, EASDAQ: NTLI), England’s largest television and cable provider; Easynet, a leading ISP with networks in France, Italy and Spain; and HighwayOne, a German provider of Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line and ISP services. GTA’s partners include Orlando-based Global Technology Associates, makers of the GB-1000 Firewall Appliance.

David Hobson, managing director of GTA, sees many opportunities for PrivateArk to assist his clients in meeting secure sharing requirements. In fact, Hobson says he has been waiting for a product with PrivateArk’s capability for three years–ever since the executive team of a leading financial institution asked him for a solution that would allow them to securely share documents relating to the firm’s impending acquisition.

“They wanted a tool that would allow them to share highly sensitive documents electronically,” says Hobson, “but they wanted to be absolutely, positively sure no unauthorized person could gain access-not even the firm’s network manager. PrivateArk is brilliant because it’s the perfect tool for such a situation, and we are very excited about the possibilities for such a product within the UK security marketplace.”

Visual Security Seen as Key Strength of PrivateArk

GTA also has extensive expertise in security auditing, employee security training, technical support and security policy and views the Visual Security(TM) feature of PrivateArk as a way to make this practice area easier. Visual Security enables PrivateArk users to readily see which Vaults and safes are open and provides real-time and historic records of who accessed what within the Vault.

“It’s well known that people are the weakest link in the security chain,” says Hobson. “PrivateArk’s Visual Security allows every end-user to not only see in a very intuitive way what’s happening to their data, but to share in the important task of securing and monitoring that data.”

“GTA understands the security challenges of some the UK’s most security-conscious organizations,” said Cyber-Ark CEO and co-founder, Alon Cohen. “We are delighted to partner with an organization of GTA’s stature to ensure enterprises have the tools they need to address today’s tough security challenges.”

About Cyber-Ark

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with research and development in Tel Aviv, Israel, Cyber-Ark Software Inc. specializes in information security and enterprise privacy products for network environments. Cyber-Ark is comprised of a group of Israel’s leading computer engineers and security experts, who have previously led R&D teams in top high-tech companies.

PrivateArk is a dedicated server protected by eight layers of proprietary security technology developed by Cyber-Ark including VPN, firewall, file access control, encryption, authentication and innovative Cyber-Ark security technology. Through PrivateArk and its upcoming suite of security products, Cyber-Ark is dedicated to introducing meaningful and easy-to-use security solutions to enable organizations to fully secure confidential and sensitive data – without the need for special security expertise – while freely sharing information with partners, employees and customers. For more information about Cyber-Ark: U.S.: 1-888-808-9005; Israel: 972-8-920 7776 or email info@cyber-ark.com or visit www.cyber-ark.com.

About Global Technology Associates

Based in the U.K., Global Technology Associates Ltd. are experts in the Internet and network security arena, offering a complete product portfolio of security solutions for the corporate client. GTA’s portfolio includes the Websense URL control, EmU email scanning, CyberGuard the ITSec E3 certified firewall and eSafe Gateway. For more information about GTA Ltd., Tel: 011-44-1903 205151, email info@globaltech.co.uk or visit www.globaltech.co.uk

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