PitBull LX Technology on Solaris 8 Released

Ground Breaking Intrusion Defense Now Available to Solaris Users; Argus Releases PitBull LX Technology on Solaris 8

SAN FRANCISCO, April 9 /PRNewswire/ — Argus Systems Group, Inc., the global leader in Internet security and intrusion prevention systems, announces the availability of its award-winning PitBull LX security technology on the Solaris 8 platform. PitBull LX on Solaris delivers the strength and power of market-leading PitBull security in a simple to install, intuitive and non-intrusive implementation. The availability of PitBull LX on Solaris 8 marks the latest in a series of security developments by Argus this year, following the release of PitBull LX for Linux and a Trusted Web Server Appliance software suite.

PitBull LX, an intrusion prevention (IPS) system built on operating system security concepts, is designed to protect critical servers from malicious attacks designed to alter data and web pages, steal proprietary information or monetary assets, violate consumer privacy protections, launch denial of service attacks, and otherwise tamper with system and data resources. In addition, PitBull LX supports a revamped, intuitive security policy and security administration has been simplified and is totally non-intrusive.

PitBull LX’s patent-pending technology is the most advanced operating system level security solution on the market and is ideal for web-facing environments, database servers, application servers, and other internal systems. PitBull LX allows organizations to rapidly create and deploy e-business server environments to make supply chains more efficient, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs. By deploying PitBull LX, businesses can realize a dramatic increase in system security while lowering security costs and administrative burden, boosting return on investment (ROI) over traditional perimeter defense products.

“Every web-facing server in the world is a potential target of increasingly sophisticated hackers. There has never been a more compelling need for secure operating systems for ebusiness servers,” said Randy Sandone, president and chief executive officer of Argus Systems Group. “With this release of PitBull LX for Solaris there is no longer any excuse for not protecting those servers with the strongest security product on the planet, and on the most popular Internet platform — Solaris 8. We’ve made the strongest security product also the easiest to install, configure, and administer.”

Experts such as the National Security Agency, the Gartner Group, and other independent industry analysts are increasingly citing IPS systems based on secure operating system technology as mandatory elements of secure and responsible e-business systems. As businesses continue to integrate e-business systems deeper into existing core processes, the need for cost-effective, high-assurance security becomes more prevalent.

“Early generations of trusted operating systems were based on a well-defined and rigid security model designed to meet requirements of government customers. Although our earlier PitBull product was the first commercially viable trusted system, adherence to the legacy security model created unavoidable rigidity in our product. PitBull LX is the first trusted system to be built on an entirely new, extremely flexible security model,” said Paul McNabb, Argus chief technology officer.

After extensive internal and customer-lead beta testing, PitBull LX on a Linux platform was subjected to a global assault during eWeek’s Openhack III event in January. The system withstood over 5 million attacks from hackers around the world during the 16-day event.

Soon after its commercial release, PitBull LX for Linux received an eXcellence Award from eWeek magazine as the best security product in the Intrusion Defense and Response category.

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