RSA Security and Kyberpass Team to Deliver PKI Security To Long List of Trust Platforms

RSA BSAFE(R) Encryption Software Provides Security for Range of Online Transactions — Identrus, B2B, Remote Access, Single Sign-On and Validation

BEDFORD, Mass., March 12 /PRNewswire/ — RSA Security Inc. (Nasdaq: RSAS) announced today that Kyberpass Corporation, a leading provider of e-security software for trusted e-business, has extended its license of RSA BSAFE(R) Crypto-C software. The company has incorporated this software into its family of e-Security TrustPlatforms, which include the Kyberpass Validation TrustPlatform, Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform, Kyberpass e-Transaction TrustPlatform, and Kyberpass e-Business TrustPlatform. By relying on RSA Security software to help ensure security and authentication, Kyberpass is able to implement complete, end-to-end PKI-based security solutions in a short period of time.

“Whether the requirement is for Identrus, remote access, single sign-on, e-commerce, e-business or trusted business-to-business communications, our suite of RSA Security powered Kyberpass TrustPlatforms is designed to allow any application to harness the full power of any PKI, while automatically implementing unique security policies and simplifying administration,” said Robert Lendvai, vice president of marketing at Kyberpass. “We have been an RSA Security customer since 1997, and have always had success with the company’s solutions. As a result, it made good business sense for us to continue our relationship with RSA Security.”

“Kyberpass clearly recognizes that the ability to conduct secure transactions over the Internet is critical to successfully moving business processes online,” said Bill McQuaide, vice president of product marketing at RSA Security. “Kyberpass is a valued customer, and we are pleased to continue our relationship and look forward to working together to bring additional trusted solutions to the marketplace.”

The RSA BSAFE(R) line of security software is embedded in today’s most successful Internet applications, including Web browsers, wireless devices, commerce servers, e-mail systems and virtual private network products. Built to provide implementations of standards such as SSL, S/MIME, WTLS, IPSec and PKCS, RSA BSAFE products can save developers time and risk in their development schedules.

About Kyberpass

Kyberpass delivers a new generation of e-security TrustPlatforms for B2B exchanges and e-government. With millions of licensed users around the world, Kyberpass’ award-winning security solutions seamlessly allows any application to take advantage of the full power of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), while automatically implementing customers’ unique security policies and dramatically simplifying administration. Kyberpass enables the implementation of a total security solution in a matter of hours, rather than months or years. Kyberpass supports all major PKIs and provides the most flexible e-security infrastructure available on the market today. For more information, visit .

About RSA Security Inc

RSA Security Inc., the most trusted name in e-security(TM), helps organizations build secure, trusted foundations for e-business through its RSA SecurID(R) two-factor authentication, RSA BSAFE(R) encryption and RSA Keon(R) digital certificate management systems. With more than a half billion RSA BSAFE-enabled applications in use worldwide, more than seven million RSA SecurID authentication users and almost 20 years of industry experience, RSA Security has the proven leadership and innovative technology to address the changing security needs of e-business and bring trust to the new, online economy. RSA Security can be reached at .

RSA, BSAFE, Keon, and SecurID are registered trademarks, and The Most Trusted Name in e-Security is a trademark of RSA Security Inc. All other products and services mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

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