SafeNet Introduces Secure 3 Remote Access Program for Preferred Customers

BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 22, 2001– SafeNet, Inc. (Nasdaq: SFNT), a leading provider of Internet security technology that is the de facto standard in the VPN industry, today announced the introduction of the SafeNet Secure 3 Program. Through this program, preferred customers can be assured that they have continued access to SafeNet’s industry-leading remote access client software. Program participants will get SafeNet’s new product, SoftRemote, which includes several important new features like support of industry-standard Smart Cards, full-featured personal firewall capabilities, centralized management, and enhanced interoperability. In addition, preferred customers will have the ability to input into the future direction of SoftRemote.

“The introduction of the SafeNet Secure 3 Program is a way for us to demonstrate our strong commitment to our highly-valued customers who have continually invested in our award-winning Soft-PK,” said Bill Pozerycki, OEM Business Director of SafeNet. “SafeNet has the leading VPN client because we have made regular improvements based on our OEM customers’ needs. In developing the Secure 3 Program, we are formalizing this philosophy by publishing a development roadmap, insuring that customer product plans and our roadmap align. This will allow us to continue providing industry-leading remote access client software.”

The SafeNet Secure 3 Program also offers participants a three-year term licensing agreement at one fixed annual rate and includes the new SafeNet SoftRemote, subsequent releases, and maintenance fees. The Program is being initially offered through March 31, 2001. More information is available by contacting Bill Pozerycki, OEM Business Director, at (978) 539-4820 or at

About SafeNet, Inc.

SafeNet (Nasdaq: SFNT) delivers the most widely deployed Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, SecureIP(TM), for secure business communications over the Internet. The company brings over 16 years of experience in developing, deploying, and managing network security systems for the most security-conscious financial institutions and government organizations around the world. SafeNet’s proven technology has emerged as the de facto industry standard for VPNs, establishing the company as the provider of choice for leading Internet infrastructure manufacturers, service providers, and security vendors. Customers include Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Nokia, and 3Com. With SafeNet securing the infrastructure of today’s e-business communications, the company is opening new markets for interoperable, secure, and deployable VPN communications.

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