SafeWeb Chooses iVEA’s CryptoSwift

SafeWeb Chooses iVEA’s CryptoSwift for Fast, Secure Online Transactions for Industry’s Fastest-Growing Provider of Encrypted Content

CryptoSwift Speeds Encryption Process for Fast, Secure Delivery of Private Web Pages

IRVINE, CA, March 5, 2001 – iVEA Technologies, a Rainbow Technologies (Nasdaq: RNBO) company and a leading provider of high-performance security solutions for the Internet and eCommerce, today announced that SafeWeb, a leading developer of online privacy and security solutions based in Oakland, has selected iVEA’s CryptoSwift eCommerce accelerator to power secure transactions of secure Web content as well as optimize Web-server performance.

SafeWeb’s privacy technology allows Internet users to surf the Web anonymously and protect themselves against intrusions into their online activities. By acting as an intermediary, SafeWeb encrypts all data transmitted between a user and a Web site. CryptoSwift accelerates the encryption process so SafeWeb users obtain fast and secure transactions for their online communications.

“iVEA has provided us with a hassle-free product,” said Jim Hormuzdiar, chief architect and co-founder, SafeWeb. “We haven’t had a single problem with the CryptoSwift cards because they work exactly the way they are supposed to. They are flawless. We have been experiencing tremendous increases in traffic ever since we launched our service last October. We have been able to meet this demand because the CryptoSwift cards speed the delivery of Web pages that our users request.”

“Security and privacy are often at opposite ends of the Internet spectrum,” said Shawn Abbott, president, iVEA Technologies. “Typically, the more secure information is, the less private it is, and the more private information is, the less secure it is. SafeWeb’s innovative service can bridge the gap for Internet users who guard their online privacy with great care using security technologies that ensure the integrity of every electronic transaction. We are pleased to help SafeWeb provide the security and scalability their service needs to continue the company’s explosive growth.”

SafeWeb serves more than two million secure, encrypted pages each day, making it one of the industry’s most widely used providers of encrypted content. Since the service was launched in October 2000, SafeWeb is doubling its user base every six weeks.

iVEA’s eCommerce performance and security acceleration technology is the industry’s leading solution for cryptographic acceleration. iVEA’s solutions provide fast and secure transactions over the Internet, while dramatically reducing Web-server response time resulting in as much as 1,000 transactions per second for electronic commerce performance. iVEA’s CryptoSwift eCommerce acceleration solutions accelerate the public-key cryptographic functions of SSL, SET, SSH, IKE and other widely used security protocols. This proven technology, first developed by iVEA, improves server response time for secure connections by up to 90 percent by freeing the Web-server to perform other tasks, especially during peak load and heavy traffic periods.

About SafeWeb

Based in Oakland, California, SafeWeb is a leading developer of online privacy and security solutions. SafeWeb launched its business and core technology in October 2000 to provide consumers and businesses with a comprehensive online privacy solution that is free, effective and easy-to-use. SafeWeb is dedicated to protecting the online privacy rights of all Internet users. Its mission is to eliminate the abuse of Internet privacy throughout the world. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at

About iVEA Technologies

iVEA Technologies, a Rainbow Technologies company, is a leading provider of high-performance Internet security solutions for eCommerce servers and network equipment.

iVEA’s cryptographic acceleration solutions are used by major OEM Web-server companies and load-balancing appliance vendors in addition to customers in industries such as eBusiness, banking and financial services, technology communications, healthcare, higher education and government. CryptoSwift has won major industry awards for excellence, including a prestigious “Blue Ribbon Award” from Network World as the industry’s top cryptographic accelerator and an American Electronics Association (AEA) High Tech 2000 Award for “Innovative Product/Technology.”

Founded in 2001 as a company of Rainbow Technologies, iVEA Technologies is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices throughout Europe and Asia. iVEA also employs a strong network of leading distributors that sell the company’s products worldwide. For more information, contact iVEA at 1-877-274-4832, or visit our Web site at

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